Top Five – UFC 200 Week Is Upon Us

UFC 200 week

What were the top stories last week?

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Looking Back – Marvin Hagler Vs Thomas Hearns

Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns

This is supplemental material to our podcast series The Fabulous Four. Our sixth episode, up tomorrow, discusses this fight in heavy detail.

The Stage

April 15, 1985

Marvin Hagler: 60-2-2 with 47 KOs, undisputed Middleweight champion
Thomas Hearns: 40-1 with 32 KOs, WBC Light Middleweight champion

Duan: Tommy enters first. A much more serious look to him than throughout the build up. A little tense, not nervous necessarily, but certainly business like. You get the sense he’s feeling the occasion. The crowd is respectful of him but a little muted. The response to Hagler is much stronger but also more mixed. Marvin is majorly hyped coming out of the dressing room. You cant even see his face with the hood down over his eyes but you can read from his motion alone that he’s ready to explode. Tommy was the guy talking up an early finish, but when you compare both men in the prefight, Marvin is the one who seems to have gameplanned for it. He’s totally warmed up and ready for a fast start. Continue reading