UFC On Fox Live Coverage – Robbie Lawler Vs Matt Brown

UFC on Fox live coverage

We are live at the former HP Pavilion (now the SAP Center) in San Jose, also the former home of Strikeforce. Check out our UFC on Fox live coverage. Continue reading

UFC 139 – Shogun Rua Vs. Dan Henderson Play By Play

UFC is coming from San Jose, CA, my home town, and while I’m not there to give the live play by play, Cactus Jim is there and will be sending in his live thoughts to pepper in with my play by play. He has live thoughts on the full undercard here: http://fightgameblog.com/2011/11/ufc-139-undercard-results-with-live-thoughts/.

The main event is a battle of Pride stars, so there’s a historical slant to this card. With Wanderlei Silva in the semi-main event, I have a feeling lots of Pride fans who don’t currently watch a ton of UFC, may be checking this show out tonight.

There’s also a San Jose flavor to the show with Kyle Kingsbury, Cung Le, and Urijah Faber (close by) all on the show.

Cactus Jim said the crowd might not be rooting for Le necessarily. He said: I think Wanderlei is going to be the crowd favorite in his fight. Definitely not like the Strikeforce reaction to the pre-fight Cung Le footage. Lots of boos.

1. Kyle Kingsbury vs. Stephan Bonnar

The first round was a good slugfest. Bonnar pushed the pace and didn’t let Kingsbury get into any kind of rhythm. He bloodied his nose with a big right hand. Kingsbury looks strong and wanted to make it physical, but Bonnar was all over him. Strong round for Bonnar.

Round two was completely different. Bonnar immediately took it to the ground and controlled Kingsbury the entire round. He tried to little brother him, but Kingsbury is so strong.

Cactus Jim said: Big pop for the old balls on the nose move.

Round three was more of the same. Cactus Jim said the crowd was getting restless at Bonnar continually in side control and Kingsbury not able to do anything.

Winner: Stephan Bonnar by way of unanimous decision

Bonnar got two 10-8 rounds on one card. He also apologized to Josh Koscheck for printing the shirts when he asked him not to.

Cain Velasquez was in the crowd in a blue Mick Foley shirt and said he’d be back.

I think Martin Kampmann is coming down to the ring to Three 6 Mafia’s It’s A Fight from the Rocky Balboa soundtrack.

2. Rick Story vs. Martin Kampmann

Great first round. Both guys came out throwing big shots. Kampmann started to use his length near the end of the round. Story was getting inside and really dictating where the fight was going. Kampmann was cut off a huge right, and Story was also cut in the round. Cactus Jim thought Story won a close round and if I had to choose, I’d go him as well. Could’ve been a 10-10 too.
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The Ultimate Fighter Season 13 Finale – Clay Guida Vs. Anthony Pettis Play By Play

If you were to look at this past season of the Ultimate Fighter as a whole, you would’ve probably chosen Tony Ferguson and Ramsey Nijem as two guys who had a great chance to make it to the finale. They also have distinct styles, which makes it an interesting match-up. Ferguson is always looking for the knockout, while Nijem uses his wrestling to wear his opponents down, though, he can put punches together too.

In the main event, Showtime Pettis faces Clay Guida. Pettis was in line for a lightweight championship fight, but when Dana White wanted to see Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard rematch their January draw, Pettis was put on the back burner. This is a great back burner. I haven’t heard one person who isn’t excited for this one.

1. Chris Cope vs. Chuck O’Neil

People are already shouting, “Woo!” for Cope. Cope looks like the bigger and stronger of the two, but he also seems a bit reckless and leaves himself open to getting hit. O’Neil is mostly throwing leg kicks. Cope landed a huge left hook that looked to hurt O’Neil. Cope settled down a bit and looks pretty comfortable. He’s throwing a double jab and following it up with leg kicks, moving in and out. It was a strong first round for Cope.

The second round wasn’t as intense as the first, but it was another decent round for Cope. It was a lot more flash than actual landing like he did in the first round, but he was more active and O’Neil is either tired, or he’s having problems pulling the trigger. Cope has figured out that he’s fighting on the big stage. I’m not sure O’Neil has.

Best shot of the round was a spinning backfist and he followed up with a barrage of shots while O’Neil was covering up. The round started off with a lot of holding against the cage, but Cope became unglued and started landing shots. O’Neil hasn’t figured out how to be the first to engage. Everything he tries to set up is after Cope has engaged first.

Winner: Chris Cope by way of unanimous decision

2. Fabio Maldonado vs. Kyle Kingsbury

Jeezus, Kingsbury looks like a beast in there compared to Maldonado. In the clinch, he threw about 6 knees in a row, which didn’t all land, but just showed how much stronger Kingsbury is. He looks at least 20 pounds heavier. Kingsbury got a takedown, but was put in a tight guillotine that he got out of. Kingsbury’s stand-up is mechanical, while Maldonado’s striking is much more fluid. Maldonado is throwing shots to the body as well. Kingsbury tripped him down and landed some elbows while in Maldonado’s half guard. I think Maldonado came back to win the round, but it was very much back and forth.
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UFC 126 Undercard – SpikeTV Fights And Kid Yamamoto

We’re covering the Facebook streaming fight Demetrious Johnson and Kid Yamamoto and then we’ll follow up with the SpikeTV fights where Donald Cerrone and Chad Mendez will try and bring some WEC magic to the UFC.

1. Demetrious Johnson vs. Kid Yamamoto

Johnson won the round using his wrestling and just out-quicking Yamamoto. Yamamoto seemed comfortable early on, keeping his distance and throwing strikes, but Johnson countered with a takedown. It was like a counter punch, except with a takedown. He also landed a knee out of the clinch and a good right hand.

Yamamoto looks out of sorts because of Johnson’s speed. Johnson isn’t hurting him at all, but he’s out-pointing him for sure. Kid’s trying to set up his left hand, but can’t even get it off. Wrestling haters won’t like this fight.

I wouldn’t say this was a good fight, but it was a bit surprising. You’d figure that Johnson would be quick, but that Yamamoto would have better timing. He caught Yamamoto with a left hook that seemed to slightly buzz Kid late in the round. Kid just looked super frustrated.

Winner: Demetrious Johnson by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27. I’m not sure which round Kid could’ve won.

2. Michihiro Omigawa vs. Chad Mendes

Mendes is heavily muscled. He was throwing tremendous hooks and didn’t land one of them. He landed a couple of nice leg kicks and did land a right hand. He also scored a takedown. Omigawa had Mendes’ arm, but lost it. It was a pretty close round and I’d probably give it to Mendes slightly.
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The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir – Episode 9

I really need to start watching this show on Wednesdays. It’s actually getting pretty good.

The preview says that a fighter gets knocked out in the house. Uh oh.

They recap the fight from last week and Team Nog chants, “Assassin Phillipe!”

Krzysztof Soszynski is in the last light heavyweight fight and his thumb is jacked.

Tom Lawlor and the just defeated Dave Kaplan are drinking and Kaplan is getting ripped. Kaplan says he’s never been knocked out. Shane says that Kaplan and Lawlor only brought speedos to the house because that’s all they wear. Shane talks exactly like BJ Penn.

Junie is all for the drinking because it takes the attention away from him. A drunken Kaplan begs Lawlor to hit him and he finally does and Kaplan just goes out. Kaplan says he wasn’t knocked out. But he really was. He couldn’t stand up straight. Kaplan says he wasn’t unconscious. He must watch the tape of himself.

Vinnie says Krzysztof has good stand up, but can’t stop takedowns. He faces Kyle Kingsbury in the fight. Team Nog pranks Krzysztof by putting any movable object in the house into his room. Dan Henderson comes in and train with Krzysztof, but it’s a short segment. They don’t really put him over like they put over Silva.

Krzysztof enjoys the prank, but his team doesn’t look like they’re going to help him clean up his room.

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