ROH Best In The World Live Coverage – Christopher Daniels Vs Cody Rhodes

best in the world

Check out our Best In The World live coverage.

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ROH 15th Anniversary Live Coverage – Adam Cole Vs Christopher Daniels

ROH 15th Anniversary

We have live coverage of the ROH 15th Anniversary show.

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Ring Of Honor Final Battle 2016 Live Coverage – Adam Cole Vs Kyle O’Reilly

Final Battle 2016

Check out our Final Battle 2016 live coverage.

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WWE Legends’ House Recap: Season 1 Episode 4

Legends' House recap


It’s only episode four and I’ve already fallen behind. Let’s see if I can catch up this weekend. Follow long our Legends’ house recap. Continue reading

TNA Hardcore Justice Play By Play – Bobby Roode Vs. Austin Aries

What, me watch a second TNA PPV in consecutive months? Well, last month’s Destination X was my third favorite wrestling show of the year, just behind WWE’s Extreme Rules and WrestleMania 28. And I have been paying attention to their ever improving television show since then. While they aren’t as hot as they were going into Destination X, this show should be pretty good too with several strong match-ups.

With the new stipulation in the title match where neither guy gets a rematch, you’d have to think Roode is getting his belt back, or else they may have booked themselves into a hole.

1. Gunner and Kid Kash vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

It’s odd to see Chavo in the Mexican babyface role because I’ve seen him so often in the role of trying to help the Mexican babyface get over. The match was fine for the opener. It was an old school tag team match where the heels get the heat on the babyface (Chavo) for a long time until he can finally make the hot tag. Hernandez cleaned house including a running dive over the top rope. Guerrero hit a frog splash off the top rope on Kash for the pin.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

2. Rob Van Dam vs. Pope vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

Pope was jumped by Aces & Eights before the match, injuring his shoulder. Anderson just called it a three-way dance. Winner gets 20 points in the Bound For Glory series with falls count anywhere rules.

Kind of a herky jerky match. RVD took a spill off the top rope early and to the floor. Anderson and Magnus beat each other up for a bit, but the match was clearly designed for RVD to hit all of his moves. RVD and Magnus were on the stage and RVD threw a chair at him and Magnus caught it and was hit with the Vandaminator.

Van Dam gets 20 points and is now in second place in the BFG series.

3. Kazarian vs. Devon
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2012 TNA Destination X: Austin Aries Vs. Bobby Roode Play By Play

It took me a couple years, but I’ve started watching TNA Impact on a regular basis now. The show is vastly improved and on most weeks, is more entertaining than Raw. It doesn’t mean it does a better job at promoting the product as Raw, but their segments are much faster paced and the writing is so much better. This PPV has all the feeling of a “B” PPV, but at the very least, it should be entertaining with all the X division matches sprinkled throughout the card. And who doesn’t love a Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe match?

1. Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Dakota Darsow

The four way to start is to get into the X division tournament for tonight. Winner will immediately face Kid Kash. Rubix and Andrews were fine last week, but Only and Darsow left a lot to be desired in their short matches. Andrews did a complete front flip over the top rope onto Only and Darsow and the Rubix followed up with a running back flip over the top rope and onto them all. That was pretty sweet. Rubix was clearly over the most with the fans, but Andrews won the match by hitting Only with a jumping RKO/Diamond Cutter. I wish I really knew that these guys called their moves.

Winner: Mason Andrews

2. Mason Andrews vs. Kid Kash

Pretty fun match and Kash definitely helped Andrews get over. Kash took most of the match, but Andrews finally made his comeback. He nearly missed a missile dropkick. He scored a quick roll-up for the victory. Would’ve liked to see him win with his finish again, but it was okay the way they did it.

Winner: Mason Andrews

Samoa Joe picks Austin Aries to win since Aries beat him.

3. Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King

Crowd was kind of into King. King has a cocky personality. He’s also super athletic. They had a good match, though it was a bit long. King won with his fireman’s carry into Rock Bottom maneuver. Babyfaces are winning so far in the X division tournament. What’s also clear is that the veterans are there to make the young guys look good. King can’t really hold a candle to Williams in the ring.

Winner: Kenny King

Christopher Daniels cut a babyface promo and called AJ a quitter, a womanizer, and a brown-noser.

4. Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashad Cameron
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