2010 FGB Awards – MMA

It’s really amazing to see how much MMA has grown in the last several years. When I first started watching, it was a fun alternative to wrestling and boxing for me. I was eager to give it a shot, but never expected it to dominate PPV.

Well, ok, MMA doesn’t dominate PPV. UFC does. But still, it has been an amazing ride and it’s only the beginning. As you will see below, 2010 was also a pretty newsworthy year. From Brock Lesnar coming back from diverticulitis and defending and then losing his belt, to Chael Sonnen coming so close to beating Anderson Silva, to Anthony Pettis’ Showtime kick which ended the year (at least in US MMA) with a bang, tons of great things happened.

Duan, Alan, and I from this very site, along with friend of the site JP, Ryan Frederick (Ryan on Twitter), Stevie J from Angry Marks, and Big D from Superfriends Universe give out awards. Yes, I said that D was back here for “One Night Only” in the pro wrestling post, but I forgot about the MMA Awards. He’s back for “Two Nights Only”!

Fighter Of The Year

Duan – Cain Velasquez

He has established himself as the UFC number 1, and with Fedor taking a loss this year, that makes him MMA’s premier heavyweight.

Alan – Cain Velasquez

His two big wins are enough for me to choose as fighter of the year.

JP – Frankie Edgar

When it was announced that Frankie Edgar would fight B.J. Penn for the Lightweight championship, just about everyone counted him out. Instead Edgar proved impossible to put away and won a controversial decision. An immediate rematch was announced and this time Edgar dominated Penn for five rounds to keep his title and truly validate himself.

Ryan – Frankie Edgar

Not many men beat BJ Penn. Not many beat Penn twice. And only one has beaten Penn twice in 5 months. Edgar’s performance in their first bout and his domination in their second bout earned him this award, fighting off tough competition from Jose Aldo, Cain Velasquez, Dominik Cruz and Anthony Pettis.

Stevie J – It’s a tie between Georges St. Pierre and Cain Velasquez.

Big D – Anthony Pettis

Two Words: The Kick. Close 2nd Place: Jose Aldo and Chael Sonnen.

GG – Cain Velasquez

I was very close to going with Frankie Edgar here, but Cain beating Brock Lesnar on such a huge stage in his first main event fight was slightly more impressive to me.

MMA Show Of The Year
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UFC 125 Prelims On Ion

1. Brad Tavares vs. Phil Baroni

Because of Internet issues, I didn’t see much of the fight except for the end of the first round. Tavares nailed Baroni with a kick and then drilled him with a punch and Baroni went down. Tavares followed up with him and stopped him. Baroni was so out of sorts, he was grabbed the ref’s leg when it was over.

Winner: Brad Tavares by way of 1st round TKO

Phil better hope there’s a Dynamite!! show next year.

2. Dustin Poirier vs. Josh Grispi

Poirier landed a couple of front kicks to the gut and made Grispi look quite human. On his back, Grispi tried to latch onto a kimura, but never did get it. Great round for Poirier.

Poirier is really taking it to Grispi. He’s beating him on the feet, and even on the ground is able to get shots in. Grispi nearly got a triangle locked in from the bottom, but was slammed on his back. Then back on their feet, Grispi was saved by the bell. Grispi’s title shot is slipping through his fingers.

Poirier pitched the shutout. Grispi was going for submissions from the top, but never came close.

Winner: Dustin Poirier by way of unanimous decision

3. Jeremy Stephens vs. Marcus Davis

The best shot of the first round was an overhand left that wobbled Stephens. I don’t think Davis knew how hard he hit him because Stephens was staggered on a delay. He went in to follow up, but for what ever reason went to grab him for the takedown instead of following up with punches. Stephens survived.

Stephens tried to latch onto a kimura and he dropped down with Davis, but Davis fell on top of him and the fight stayed that way for most of the round. Nothing else much happened. Stephens gets credit for the takedown I would believe.

Stephens and Davis both threw right hands at the same time, but Stephens’ landed first and Davis was out. He followed up with a jumping right hand when Davis was on the ground to make sure. Davis was out cold.

Winner: Jeremy Stephens by way of 3rd round TKO

WEC 41: Faber Vs. Brown II Play By Play

With Frank Mir in training for his upcoming fight at UFC 100, Kenny Florian is joining the announce team for tonight’s show.

Josh Grispi Vs. Jens Pulver
Jens has been on a 3 fight losing streak, and has lost 5 of his last 6. He needs a win tonight to remain relevant by any stretch of the imagination. Grispi is 12-1 with a lot of early submissions. Let’s see if Jens can keep it standing.

Round 1: Both guys come out swinging and kicking. Jens goes for the takedown and Grispi catches him with a deep guillotine. Jens holds on for about 20 seconds and taps.

Grispi by way of another first round submission.

Understandably, Jens is very upset. He says this will probably be his last fight. Crowd gives him a great ovation.

There’s some Brian Bowles versus Miguel Torres hype for their fight on Aug 9. Both guys are interviewed at ringside. Not much to it.
Jeremy Roenick, Keith Jardine, and Jamie Varner are at ringside.

Donald Cerrone Vs. James Krause
Two tall 55’ers in this one. The Cowboy is 9-1 with 1 no contest and Krause is 10-0. Continue reading

WEC 41 Weigh-in Results

Thanks to AngryMarks.com and MMAWeekly.com.

Both Mike Brown and Urijah Faber came in a pound and a half light for their title bout. That’s interesting because Faber had mentioned that he was working harder with weights to build up his strength.

Mike Brown- 143.5
Urijah Faber- 143.5

Cub Swanson- 144
Jose Aldo- 144.5

James Krause- 155
Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone- 155

Josh Grispi- 145.5
Jens Pulver- 144

John Franchi- 145.5
Manny Gamburyan- 144

Kyle Dietz- 134
Rafael Rebello- 134.5

Anthony Pettis- 156
Mike Campbell- 155

Antonio Banuelos- 135.5
Scott Jorgensen- 134

Noah Thomas- 134.5
Frank Gomez- 136*

Seth Dikun- 136
Rolando Perez- 135.5

*Frank Gomez initially weighed in at 137.5 pounds, but made weight on his second attempt at 136 pounds.

We’ll have play by play (live or delayed, I’m not sure yet) on the site later tonight.

WEC 41, WWE Extreme Rules, Strikeforce: Lawler Vs. Shields – What To Watch This Weekend?

There are three big shows this weekend.

On Saturday night, Strikeforce gives us Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith as the double main event on a pretty stacked card.

On Sunday, WEC 41 has the rematch between Mike Brown and Urijah Faber as well as Jose Aldo vs. Cub Swanson and Jens Pulver vs. Josh Grispi. Going head to head with the live viewing of that show is WWE Extreme Rules, a PPV show headlined by Randy Orton vs. Batista in a steel cage and Jeff Hardy vs. Edge in a ladder match.

I asked the FGB crew which shows they were most interested in watching.

Alan: Can I pick the NOAH Korakuen show????

Well I’d probably say Strikeforce as the card is stacked from top to bottom, but I think I’m looking forward to the Brown fight on WEC the most as far as a single fight goes. I think in Diaz/Smith, Arlovski/Rogers and Shields/Lawler, you have an excellent three headed monster at the top of the card, and Baroni and Randleman as interesting characters supporting it.

Duan: I definitely think Strikeforce will be the most fun show overall. It’s a really solid line up, and it will probably put most of the recent UFC cards to shame from an entertainment standpoint. The three big match ups are pretty much guaranteed excitement. And even the Baroni/Riggs fight should be really good brawl. I can see Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead sucking, but it should be at least interesting to see what Randleman has left as a fighter. Continue reading