FGB Radio – Extreme Rules Recap

Extreme Rules recap

Jason Hagholm (aka dadrrtywhyteboi and I are back to with the Extreme Rules recap. Before we get to the recap, I quickly discuss the Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana fight from Saturday night. We have a poll on the right hand side of this page looking at whether or not Marcos Maidana should get a rematch.

Here’s what you’ll hear on the show:

– Mayweather/Maidana thoughts and how GG scored it (I screwed up my own math as I scored the first 6 rounds 4-2 for Maidana and the last six 5-1 for Mayweather)
– Whether Maidana deserves a rematch
– Extreme Rules in all of its entirety
– What the Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter duo do next
– How impressed we are with Cesaro
– Where does Rusev go next and how soon until he’s in the main event picture
– How badly Big E has been booked
– Cesaro’s uppercut and Barrett’s bull hammer
– The greatness of Seth Rollins
– When should Triple H and Roman Reigns face off?
– The convoluted and over-booked Cena vs. Wyatt program
– Who Paige reminds GG of
– Who faces Bryan next?
– Where does Brock Lesnar fit in?

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WWE Extreme Rules Live Coverage: The Shield Vs. Evolution

Extreme Rules live coverage

Via WWE.com

The first two post-WrestleMania Raws made the product feel fresh. There were new programs starting and new guys being featured. However, the last two Raws were stale and took a lot of wind out of the sail. But, they can get a lot of momentum back with a great show tonight.

I missed the pre-show match, but it sounds like the WeeLC match was a whole lot of fun and nonsense.

Here’s our Extreme Rules live coverage. Continue reading

FGB Radio – WrestleMania XXX Recap

WrestleMania XXX recapJason (aka @dadrrtywhyteboi) and I recap WrestleMania XXX

Here’s what you’ll hear on our WrestleMania XXX recap:

– How the WWE Network worked
– Our thoughts on why Brock Lesnar was chosen to end the streak
– Whether or not this hurts a possible match with Sting at WrestleMania 31
– The excellent booking of Daniel Bryan’s two matches on the show
– The greatness of the two vets, Triple H and Batista
– Hogan, Rock, and Austin all in the same ring at the same time
– Why they may not have promoted them
– The best WrestleMania dark show/pre-show match ever
– The Shield and the rumor of a possible feud with Evolution
– Cesaro’s WrestleMania moment (so far)
– John Cena’s tremendous facials and emotional performance, but interesting call to go over
– Bray’s rise to main event wrestling status
– Where does this show rank in the pantheon of WrestleManias?
– Quick Hall of Fame thoughts

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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