Full Impact Pro – Fallout 2009 Live Report

Full Impact Pro returned to Crystal River, Florida and presented their “Fallout 2009” event, headlined by two steel cage matches (as if we don’t have enough of those this weekend) for the two top championships in the company and to settle feuds and there were a few surprising twists along the way. Ron Bass was there also signing autographs and taking pictures.

Johnathan Gold welcomed us as usual and put over the double cage main event.

Match #1: Caleb Konley defeated QC Marshall. This was the first time that I’d ever seen either of these two (keep in mind, I have not attended an FIP show since February and have only read results since). Caleb Konnely is your basic undercard babyface and kind of reminds me of a 2005 Chris Sabin. QC Marshall plays a borderline-gay gimmick where he dresses in all pink, wears a boa, and calls himself “the man with the sexiest face”. A decent opener. Caleb won with a unique move where he half-applied a cobra clutch, then dropped QC’s head over his knee. (*1/2)

Johnathan Gold put over the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup Tournament show in November, an annual Florida event that is usually very good and features a good crop of indy talent.

Match #2: Bruce Santee defeated Slyck Sweezy. Bruce Santee is a very popular indy worker in Florida, but I’d never seen Slyck Sweezy before. Slyck came out with some of the most unusual ring gear I’d ever seen; lime green tights, a green jacket, and a green hat. Green was the appropriate word to describe Slyck *rimshot*. No, but seriously, he did fine. Santee got the advantage early and then started to do a series of crazy exercise themed poses, allowing Slyck to get the heat. He beat on him for a bit until Santee hulked up and won with a variation of a side slam. Decent match designed to give Santee some wins. (*3/4)
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Major Internal Change Within Ring of Honor

Yesterday, I was shocked to learn that Sal Hamaoui has parted ways with Ring of Honor. Hamaoui is the owner of Full Impact Pro and Riot Pro Wrestling in Florida and the World Wrestling Network; the company that produced, edited, and duplicated the DVDs for Ring of Honor, Dave Prazak’s Shimmer Women’s Wrestling, and various other independents, including his own FIP. Now it seems that relationship has been severed.

Exclusive: One source close to the situation which chose to have their name omitted claimed that somebody within Full Impact Pro described it as, and I quote, “I saw the iceberg”, an obvious indication that the World Wrestling Network believes what a lot people believe about the future of ROH – that there is no future. Another source also informed me that it has been talked about internally that several talents from DG USA would work FIP shows in the near-future. Whether this is influence from current DG USA/former FIP booker Gabe Sapolski or Lenny Leonard, I simply cannot say, but as a fan of FIP I can tell you that I loved when they brought in Dragon Gate stars in the past and will love it once they bring them back.

Hamaoui opened Full Impact Pro in 2003 and ran various spot shows in the Florida area. At the time, the booking was primarily done by pro wrestler Jaison Moore and the majority of the talents used were top FL independent names such as Ralph Mosca and former ECW main eventers such as Mike Awesome and New Jack.
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Ahhhh Sunday. This was quite the day my friends.

Saturday was a late-ish night so I didn’t wake up until 11:30 or so. With only 4 hours until the show, I didn’t bother going into Centr-o so I just chilled at the hotel, had a small workout, listened to some shows and did a little reading. EXCITING STUFF….. or not.

Anyway showtime:

1. 16 Carat Gold SF: Shingo Takagi over Zack Sabre Jr by ELBOW/CHOKE DEATH COMBO.

Holy fuck did this ever rule!!! This is the sleeper match of the weekend. Zack was extremely aggressive here. He came right out of the gates swinging. And of course Shingo was happy to go toe to toe with him. Zack got the advantage by injuring Shingo’s arm (which he sold like Ricky Steamboat in his prime). However Shingo struck back, taking out Zack’s leg and then going to work with some of the most awesome leg attacks I’ve ever seen. He was switching from one leg lock variation to another and it was soooo smooth. I was just in awe. And I think it was this match that saw Shingo do A FIST DROP TO THE KNEE!!!! Awesome! But Zack fought back, like he had been doing all weekend. Shingo once again had to break out a more severe finisher, as that little story continued on. This time it was the elbow/choke combo that I’ve only ever seen him use once before.

2. 16 Carat Gold SF: Drake Younger over Steve Douglas via Drake’s Landing

The second semi final delivered in spades too. If you’ve read my prior reports you know the deal with these guys. The crowd loves one of them and they HATE one of them. Thus we had yet another match with insane heat. Drake was on fire and Douglas probably put in his best performance of the weekend here. The nearfalls were EPIC and when Drake pulled out the win with the Landing the place exploded.
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Woke up before the other guys on Saturday so I decided to head off on my own into Centr-o to do a bit of exploring and ALOT of eating. There’s so many cool shops in that place and a ridiculous amount of hot women strolling around. There were shops for everything, but the coolest thing I saw in the whole place was this:

A 3D image of a tiger, in a solid crystal cube. Dunno how the fuck you create one of those but it’s amazing.

Before I went back to the hotel, it was eating time and I knew there was only one place I needed to be. The VAUNTED Pagoda Chinese Buffet. It’s out on it’s own little island on the side of Centr-o, and with a bridge set up to walk to it, it has a pretty cool look.

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WXW 16 CARAT Part 1


I have no plans for what I’m gonna write here, how long it’ll be or anything. I’m just gonna roll with it and see what comes of it.

An early ass flight accompanied by several old PPH’s on my mp3 player, saw me arrive in Deutschland on Friday morning with the first night of the tourney that evening. Found our hotel which was really really nice and in a perfect location. Myself, AdamJ and his two buddies made our first trip into the GIGANTIC Centr-o mall in Oberhausen where we were basically just overwhelmed by the freaking size of the place and the ridiculous amount of restaurants at our disposal. After some food, it was off to NIGHT 1 of WXW 16 Carat 2009!!!

The venue was this cool little bar that you could tell was gonna have an awesome atmosphere just by entering.

1. Sami Callihan vs. Dan Paysan vs. Tommy End vs. Sha Samuels

Really fun 4 way and a perfect opener for a live show. Paysan looked way better than I was expecting and had tons of charisma. Sami is waaaay more enjoyable in person than on tape…. when you hear his strikes live it’s unreal. Tommy is bigtime over with the German fans, who MOSH during his entrance and Sha is basically just an awesome English lout who wrestles in a QPR scarf. Sami got the win over Paysan to be the official alternate for the tourney.

2. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Daisuke Sekimoto over Martin Stone via No Touch German Suplex
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