UFC 128 On Spike – Eliot Marshall Vs. Luiz Cane Play By Play

I missed the Facebook fights, but Gleison Tibau beat Kurt Pellegrino by split decision and Mike Pyle beat Ricardo Almeida by unanimous decision. The first SpikeTV fight is Edson Barboza vs. Anthony Njokuani.

1. Edson Barboza vs. Anthony Njokuani

Barbosa is laying into everything he’s throwing. He’s thrown some nasty kicks to the body and rocked Njokuani with a right hand. He also landed an upper cut which staggered him as well. He woke Njokuani up, though Njokuani took a finger into the eye. The round ended with Njokuani looking more mad than hurt.

Better round for Njokuani as he put Barboza down and if Barboza wasn’t able to kick him off, Njokuani would’ve ended it. Barboza got a takedown, but Njokuani was way more active and Barboza had to fight more defensively.

Barboza has become more of the agressor in the round and was doing a good job at mixing his punches and kicks. He had Njokuani on the defensive. Njokuani threw a nasty flying knee that stopped him in his tracks for a bit, but Barboza stayed on the aggressive. Near the end of the round Barboza threw a reverse kick that landed hard. He’s going to win the decision.

Winner: Edson Barboza by unanimous decision

2. Eliot Marshall Vs. Luiz Cane

This was a weird one. Marshall stumbled and might’ve hurt his leg. He fell backwards after a Cane punch and Cane threw about 100 punches in a row before it was stopped. Marshall did a good job blocking a lot of it, but it was just too long for him to be on his back.

Winner: Luiz Cane by way of 1st round TKO

UFC 103 Weigh-ins

Rob Emerson – 155.5
Rafael Dos Anjos – 155.5

Vladimir Matyushenko – 205
Igor Pokrajac – 203

Jason Brilz – 205.25
Eliot Marshall – 204.75

Brian Foster – 170.75
Rick Story – 170

Rafaello Oliveira – 155.25
Nik Lentz – 155

Steve Lopez – 154.5
Jim Miller – 154.5

Tomas Drwal – 185
Drew McFedries – 185.25

Cole Miller – 155 (skinny as all hell and a huge height advantage)
Efrain Escudero – 157 and he has to lose one pound

Tyson Griffin – 155.5
Hermes Franca – 159

Joe Rogan says it was agreed upon to fight at 159.

Frank Trigg – 171
Josh Koscheck – 170

Paul Daley – 170
Martin Kampmann – 169.5

Mirko Cro Cop – 226
Junior Dos Santos – 236

Vitor Belfort – First shot was at 197.5 and his second shot was at 196.5. He took off his drawers and he weighed in at 196.25.
Rich Franklin – 195 and he looks much bigger than Vitor at that weight.

It looks like Vitor has to shave off a quarter pound while Escudero has to get down a full pound.

Update: 6:48 PM

Both Belfort and Escudero made weight. Vitor came in at 196 and Escudero at 156.

UFC – The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Finale Play By Play

I blogged all the episodes of TUF Season 8 and if you want to go back to see how we got here, you can do so here.

Junie Browning and David Kaplan will open up the show. If you remember, when Kaplan fought Phillipe Nover, Browning told Nover what his teammate Kaplan could and couldn’t do. Kaplan was also one of the crazier guys in the house (though not nearly as crazy as Browning) who allowed Tom Lawlor to punch him right on the chin to test it.

1. Junie Browning vs. David Kaplan

Mike Goldberg said that you either love or hate Junie Browning. I haven’t heard anyone who loved him.

Browning comes out to Eminem. I didn’t notice how similar they look until now.

Browning’s first kick hit Kaplan right in the genitals. Browning is picking Kaplan apart. Kaplan is doing a good job of blocking Browning’s punches with his face. Browning looks really good. Browning went down from a slip and Kaplan went for his leg, but Browning got out and transitioned into a rear naked choke, but Kaplan got out of it. Kaplan’s face is already bloody. Browning almost got another rear naked choke in there, but Kaplan got out of it again. Great round for Browning.

Browning took Kaplan down and worked to get side control. Once he did, he set Kaplan up for an armbar and sunk it deep immediately.

Winner: Junie Browning by way of 2nd round submission

He apologized for being a dick on the show and to Frank Mir.

2. Eliot Marshall vs. Jules Bruchez

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The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir – Episode 11

The first fight is Ryan Bader vs. Eliot Marshall.

Big Nog says that he thinks Bader is going to win the season and also be a champion some day.

Eliot admits that Bader is probably the favorite to win the show. Frank Mir says Bader won’t take him down because Eliot is a jiu-jitsu black belt.

Bader says he controls where the fight goes. Eliot says he just gets to control where he gets to lose.

Eliot Marshall vs. Ryan Bader

Eliot is so lanky. But he’s also decently built. About half way through the round, Bader took Marshall down and they just stayed there for the rest of the round. Marshall didn’t try to pull anything off from the bottom. And Bader just threw some punches, but nothing happened.

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