Top Five – Daniel Cormier Is The New Light Heavyweight Champion

Daniel Cormier is the new light heavyweight champion


What were the top stories last week?

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Flashback Friday – Vince McMahon On David Letterman’s 3rd Anniversary Special (With Video)

Vince McMahon on David Letterman

On New Year’s Eve 1985, David Letterman hosted his 3rd Anniversary Late Night special. As part of the show, he did a show-long gag where the first baby born at one of two New York city hospitals would be declared the “Late Night” baby. He had two correspondents reporting from the hospitals and updating the situation throughout the show. Those two correspondents were none other than Bob Costas who at the time was best known for hosting NFL Live 85 on NBC and Vince McMahon who Letterman described as the WWF announcer. Continue reading