Top Five – Hiroshi Tanahashi Wins The G1

Tanahashi Wins The G1

What were the top stories last week?

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Top Five – Fabricio Werdum Is The New Heavyweight Champion



What were the top stories last week?

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Bobby Lashley Update

While Bobby Lashley walked to the back under his own power last night after his loss to Chad Griggs, it seems that he was in pretty bad shape after the fight.

Steve Cofield wrote last night that Lashley left the Toyota Center on a stretcher and included a still shot of a video that showed him being helped out.

Former WWE diva and the mother of Lashley’s child, Kristal Marshall tweeted out after the fight that Bobby wasn’t in good condition. Her tweets are protected so I’ll quote from Stevie J’s Angrymarks.

According to AM, Marshall tweeted out:

Please pray for bobby and our family we just got some very very scary news

And then also tweeted out later:

Bobby got admitted he can’t come home…it is very scary they r running lots of tests im Freaking out they r keeping me in the dark.

Dave Meltzer from F4W/Wrestling Observer added that Lashley was able to leave the hospital this morning.

Although he left the cage under his own power after his loss to Chad Griggs, he was taken out from the Toyota Center to the hospital, where he underwent a series of tests and stayed overnight due to some concern with one of his tests.

What those tests are, we can only guess are blood work related. I’ll update if more information comes out soon.

Ariel Helwani Interviews (King) Booker T About Bobby Lashley

Booker T was at the Strikeforce Houston show to support his friend Bobby Lashley and Ariel Helwani interviewed him. Booker talks about Lashley’s fight and also about pro wrestling and whether or not MMA is hurting wrestling. Sadly, Ariel didn’t ask him about Batista since they had a well known locker room battle in WWE.

Video – Scott Coker Says Lashley May Have To Do Some Soul Searching

Scott Coker said that Bobby Lashley has some soul searching to do. It doesn’t sound like either Scott doesn’t believe in him, or that maybe Lashley doesn’t believe in himself.

Ariel Helwani interviews Scott Coker about his marketable fighters losing the majority of the fights at Strikeforce Houston.

He also talks about Paul Heyman and how a deal could be done with him.