Top Five – Roman Reigns Is Going To WrestleMania

Roman Reigns is going to WrestleMania

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UFC Fan Expo Review – Bring Your Walking Shoes!

UFC Fan ExpoThe first thing you should know before you even attend a UFC Fan Expo is that there is literally more than you can see and do in one day, let alone two if you buy a weekend pass (sadly I did not). Do not beat yourself up over the fact that you were in line for BJ Penn while Chuck Liddell was taking photos or vice versa. You have to grab what you can, where you can, when you can. It’s literally the Chinese buffet of mixed martial arts – there are tons of choices, all of them are pretty good, and a few are outstanding. You’ll get more than you can possibly handle, but a few hours after it’s over, you’ll be remembering how good it was and hungry for more. Continue reading

UFC On Fox 5 Play By Play – Nate Diaz Vs. Benson Henderson

We’ve discussed this show ad nauseam and finally it’s here. Let’s get to it.

1. Matt Brown vs. Mike Swick

I expected them to throw leather in the first round, but Matt Brown decided to tie Mike Swick up like a pretzel. They looked like two puzzle pieces. Brown also got the better of the exchanges.

Brown threw a left hook straight right combination that put Swick out. It was reminiscent of the famous Rich Franklin/Nate Quarry knockout. Brown looked very impressive.

Winner: Matt Brown by 2nd round TKO

2. Rory MacDonald vs. BJ Penn

BJ Penn aged 5 years in that first round. He can’t even outbox MacDonald. MacDonald staggered him and I thought Penn was going down. He took a lot of punishment. MacDonald is varying his strikes and Penn doesn’t see where the shots are coming from.
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UFC On Fox 5 Preview – Nate Diaz Vs. Benson Henderson


We’ve done a lot of audio on this show.

On Wednesday, I did a podcast with Heidi Fang from MMA Fight Corner and we went over the entire main card. We also had a pretty timely discussion about Ronda Rousey which is newsworthy because Dana White announced Rousey’s first UFC fight yesterday.

Also, Jason (@dadrrtywhyteboi) and talked up the show as well.

And now for the blog preview …

We’re giving our predictions on the entire main card. In addition to Team FGB, joining us with their predictions are Stevie J from Angry Marks, friend of the website JP, Ryan Pike from Tough Talk MMA and Heidi Fang from MMA Fight Corner.

Matt Brown vs. Mike Swick

Stevie J says: Brown by 2nd round TKO
Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown is going to beat Swick. He’s won 4 out of his last 5, and two of the most recent 3 were by TKO. Swick has a record of losing any time he’s in the spotlight. He fought Chris Leben for a title and lost. He fought Dan Hardy for a title shot and lost. And now he’s not just losing important fights – he lost to Paulo Thiago when nothing was on the line, and Thiago’s such a mess he’s lost 4 out of HIS last 5. I know Brown has a wishy-washy MMA record, but he’s a stand-up fighter with power, and if Swick tries to go tit-for-tat with him (and I think he will) he’ll lose – BADLY.
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