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Alan’s Epic ProWres Voyage

With five shows down and eight still to come, I felt it was time to check in on the FGB with some thoughts on my “Epic ProWres Voyage 2013”. For those not aware, which is probably most of you reading, I am currently embarking on a 13 show wrestling viewing tour spanning five weeks and three countries. It wasn’t my intention to do something like this, things just kinda fell into place this way and when they did I asked myself if I was insane enough to take on such a schedule and the answer was a definitive YES!

First up I boarded a lovely Aer Lingus plane and made my way to not-so-scenic Oberhausen, Germany to take in the greatness of Europe’s most presitigious wrestling tournament, the 16 Carat Gold presented by wXw Germany. I had been to Carat in 2009 and 2011 and had witnessed some incredible stuff with some of the best performers in the world. So I knew what I had to expect this year, and I got it in abundance. The three day event, attended by arguably the most enthusiastic fans in the world, was off the charts. There was one great bout after another all capped off by the tournament final on Night Three between Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Zack Sabre Jr. and Holland’s Tommy End. It was a magical match that I consider among the three best I’ve ever seen live. If you’re into star ratings, I didn’t bat an eyelid giving this five stars and it’s definitely my working Match Of The Year. Continue reading