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Pacquiao/Bradley 2 Recap: Lost In The Stars

Every great fighter who has fueled themselves on fire has had that fire immolate them. One thinks of Jake Lamotta and James Toney, two street kids overcome by their own appetites, being schooled by the ring masters of their time (Sugar Ray Robinson and Roy Jones). Or a Roberto Duran in the second Sugar Ray Leonard fight: weight, drink, and drug weakened, who saw his younger, craftier opponent humiliate him and wanted a way out. Or Aaron Pryor, the fight games’ most tortured soul, so scared and eager to sabotage his fame that he tried crack days after his brilliant second win over Alexis Arguello. Most spectacularly on the public stage was Mike Tyson circa 1990; a troubled, walking drug dumpster who lost to an opponent who (Buster Douglas) fought back for the first time. Continue reading

HBO Boxing – Pacquiao Vs. Bradley 2 Live Coverage

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley 2 Live

It’s finally go time. Will Timothy Bradley gain redemption? Will Manny Pacquiao show that he still has it? Hopefully, we’ll get answers tonight.

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley 2 Live Play By Play

R1: Pac is a bit off-balanced and he’s lunging. Bradley is moving really well. Bradley caught him with a right hand for the best punch. But it’s clear that Pac still has the better power shots. Continue reading

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley 2 Preview

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2 preview

Via Crave Online

On July 9, 2012, Manny Pacquaio walked through Timothy Bradley for the first eight rounds. I scored the fight either 9 rounds to 3 or possibly 8 to 4 for Pacquaio, thinking his shots meant more and Bradley’s shots didn’t affect him one bit. But when the scores were read, Bradley walked away with a split decision (all scores were 115-113). Continue reading

24/7: Road To Pacquiao/Bradley 2 Episode 2 Recap

24/7 Pacquiao/Bradley 2

After a great first episode, which was more like an introduction or a “this is how we got to here” type of episode, the second didn’t keep the momentum going in my opinion.

Here are my thoughts about 24/7 Pacquiao/Bradley 2 episode 2: Continue reading

This Is Belfast: Carl Frampton vs. Hugo Cazares Play By Play

Photo Via Boxing News Online

Photo Via Boxing News Online

Tonight on BoxNation, Belfast’s Carl Frampton (17-0) takes on the challenge of veteran Mexican and former two weight champion Hugo Cazares (40-7-2) in a final eliminator for the WBC super bantamweight title. The winner should move on to a major showdown with Goldenboy’s Leo Santa Cruz later this year. Frampton, as the younger man, the fighter on the rise, and the more natural at the weight is a sizable betting favorite, but an impressive performance will be needed to make the title fight a reality.
Continue reading

24/7: Road To Pacquiao/Bradley 2 Episode 1 Recap + Full Video

24/7 Pacquiao/Bradley 2Not surprisingly, much of the first episode of 24/7 deals with their first fight in which Timothy Bradley was given one of the worst decisions in recent boxing history, at least when it comes to big fights. But, in hindsight, it almost hurts to even say that because Bradley is such a hard worker and likable person. He’s an easy fan favorite. But still, he lost that fight. Continue reading