Showtime Boxing – Joshua Vs Klitschko Live Coverage

Joshua vs Klitschko live coverage

Check out our Joshua vs Klitschko live coverage.

The big heavyweight fight, which is being broadcast live on Showtime and later tonight on a delay on HBO, is nearly ready to go.

Here’s a prediction from our own Duan:

Round One

Klitschko immediately got to the center of the ring first. Klitschko is keeping his distance, trying to attack from length. Anytime Joshua throws, he’s quickly out of there. Joshua landed a combination and is throwing a left hook that might be slightly annoying Klitschko. Klitschko’s jab looks to be decently effective so far.

Round Two

Joshua’s starting to lead the exchanges with his jab. Klitschko’s length does look like it’s bothering him. It was an interesting round because it seemed like both guys seem that they’re controlling the pace.

Round Three

Joshua was able to unleash his uppercut. Klitschko wasn’t able to control the center and seemed more off-balanced. Joshua definitely looks like the stronger fighter.

Round Four

Klitschko doesn’t seem to have a lot of snap on his shots. He’s kind of winging them out there. Joshua doesn’t seem too worried and is throwing his punches through Klitschko’s. Josh has taken some control here. He’s never been into deep waters, so it’s possible this is part of Klitschko’s strategy.

Round Five

Joshua floored Klitschko in the round, but tired himself out. Klitschko was able to be competitive after getting knocked down because of it and was landing shots. Still, Josh sinks in the biggest hook of the fight so far!

Round Six

Jeez! Joshua lost his mouth piece early in the round, showing that he’s tired, but also giving him a chance to catch his breath. Klitschko then hit him with a blistering right hand and Joshua went down like a lump. Klitschko was about to dive at him with a right hand before he went down. Klitschko tossed him into the corner. But Joshua will survive this round. The tide has turned completely.

Round Seven

Joshua has his legs back a little as he’s bouncing in and out and forced Klitschko to miss twice. But Klitschko seems to know that it’s his fight and it has completely gone back toward him. Joshua is probably still winning on many cards though.

Round Eight

Klitschko set up Joshua for a big right hand. Joshua is doing a lot of lunging with his jab now, which is unlike how comfortable he was early. It’s probably because of how active Klitschko is now. Klitschko’s wife doesn’t seem to be too worried.

Round Nine

Joshua may have gotten a round back here. Neither guy really landed meaningful punches, but Joshua landed three, including a couple of nice left hands after they were in tight. I think it’s the first round he’s won since he knocked Klitschko down. Currently, I have the fight scored 94-94. Klitschko still has rounds to win if he wants it on my card.

Round Ten

Klitschko is taking advantage of Joshua’s fatigue by grabbing him on the back of his head whenever they get close. Joshua seems frustrated. They exchanged right hands and then Klitschko got him with one right before the round closed. Joshua needs to change the pace a bit.

Round Eleven

Joshua came out quick, showing more aggression than usual. He tagged Klitschko and had him reeling a bit. Klitschko got his feet back under him, but then Joshua landed a huge uppercut and followed it up and Klitschko went down. Joshua followed with a big right hand. Klitschko went down again. Klitschko was trying to dodge punches on the ropes and the fight was stopped.

You can watch the stoppage here:

Winner: Anthony Joshua by way of 11th round TKO

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