Tony Bellew Stops David Haye In The 11th (Haye Vs Bellew)

Haye vs Bellew

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Tony Bellew, probably best known to US fans as Ricky Conlan from the movie Creed, stepped up to heavyweight and defeated David Haye by 11th round technical knockout.

Bellew, the WBC Cruiserweight champion, fighting at the heaviest he’s ever fought, was still nearly 12 pounds lighter than Haye.

Haye, who hadn’t fought anyone of note since beating Dereck Chisora over nearly five years ago, fought twice in 2016 against lesser competition. Haye was still a strong favorite to beat the smaller Bellew.

Our own Duan sniffed this one out earlier today.

The fight was close early on, but in the 6th, Haye showed signs of some kind of injury to his right foot that would plague him for the rest of the fight. The announcers speculated that it could be an Achilles injury, but it could’ve also been an ankle injury.

He couldn’t put weight on it and had trouble sitting on any punches. His corner tried taping it and retaping it in the late rounds.

Here’s footage of the 6th round:

For the rest of the fight, Haye would try to bait Bellew into rushing him so he could land a big punch, and while it happened a couple times, Bellew played it smart for the most part.

They both were guilty of low blows, which stopped the action. At one point, after a stoppage, Bellew stuck out his gloves for the tap and instead, Haye threw a wild left hook that sent him reeling into the ropes.

In the 11th, Haye was taking some punishment and crouched so low that he fell under the second rope and out of the ring. He was able to get back in by the count of 9, but his corner threw in the towel.

Haye showed a ton of courage in trying to fight with what looked to be a very painful injury. Bellew showed him the proper respect after the fight.

I have a feeling they may do this again in the near future.

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