UFC 205 Live Coverage – Alvarez Vs McGregor

UFC 205 live coverage

Check out our UFC 205 live coverage.

If you missed the prelims, we recapped it.

We’re getting started with Miesha Tate and Raquel Pennington.

Raquel Pennington Vs Miesha Tate

Tate wasn’t comfortable standing with Pennington. Her boxing game wasn’t nearly as strong and Pennington was getting in some strong shots early. Pennington sunk in a guillotine and Tate walked up the cage with her back against it several times to get out of it. Tate got a takedown and controlled the rest of the round. That’s where she needs to stay.

Tate’s not using much skill here. She’s just trying to bully Pennington. She pushed her back up against the cage and they’re trading knees back and forth. Pennington is quick with the inside punches. Pennington got the go behind to change the position and then pushed Tate up against the cage. Tate was throwing knees while Pennington was trying to let her hands fly. This might be a draw round.

Miesha doesn’t want to get hit in the face anymore, so she’s trying to be creative. She tried jumping into guard, but Pennington held her in a bear hug. Miesha then tried a body triangle, possibly to get an armbar, but ended up hanging upside down. Not sure why she didn’t just go with her wrestling. She couldn’t sucker Pennington into anything and they ended up holding against the cage. Pennington got a takedown late. Tate looks awful. She had nothing. Pennington’s going to win this.

Winner: Raquel Pennington by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 29-28, 30-27, and 30-27.

Holy hell. Miesha Tate just announced her retirement. If Ronda Rousey truly only has a few fights left in her, we’re close to the end an era.

Yoel Romero Vs Chris Weidman

Weidman is the more active of the two, keeping his jab out there and throwing body kicks. He scored a quick takedown, but couldn’t hold Romero down. He took him down again and got his back. Romero tried to grab his arm, but the round ended.

The round was close until the end when Romero eked it out. Weidman was fighting smart, thinking that Romero was tired, which he was. Romero was landing body kicks and Weidman caught his leg and went for the takedown. Romero got a front trip takedown which was sweet. He handled Weidman for the rest of the round, controlling him on the ground.

Romero put his lights out. Weidman was dipping low, expecting a takedown all fight and finally got caught. Weidman went low, Romero flew in with a knee and Weidman went down like a sack of potatoes. He followed up on the ground and it was over. Weidman is a bloody mess.

Winner: Yoel Romero by way of 3rd round TKO

Romero called out Bisping, who is there working for FS1. Bisping shot him the double middle fingers.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz Vs Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Jędrzejczyk is throwing some wicked fast combinations, but to Kowalkiewicz’s credit, she’s staying patient, getting out right before Jędrzejczyk can really open up, and she sends some punches back. They’ve clinched twice and Kowalkiewicz held her own. She’s not out of her league here yet.

Jędrzejczyk is still the more active, ending some close exchanges with a short elbow. But Kowalkiewicz is hanging in there. She’s not scared to get hit and is trying to get inside so she can push her up against the cage and overpower her. Still, Jędrzejczyk’s round, but far closer than I thought this fight would be at this point.

Every time Kowalkiewicz gets the chance to close the distance, she tries to push Jędrzejczyk up against the cage. It’s good strategy, but she can’t keep her there. As good as Kowalkiewicz is at hanging out there, Jędrzejczyk is outlanding her by more than 3-1. She’s also out-maneuvering her up against the cage. She might be pulling away now.

Kowalkiewicz won her first round. She rocked Jędrzejczyk with a big right hand and pushed her up against the cage. She was going to town on her, but Jędrzejczyk escaped after being in trouble. She’s definitely hurt. She slowed down and Kowalkiewicz became the aggressor.

I don’t think I’ve seen Jędrzejczyk hit like that before. Her face is all bruised up and swollen. But she’s still ahead in the fight and probably won the round. Have to give Kowalkiewicz a lot of credit for hanging in there and making things competitive. She won Jędrzejczyk’s respect at the end.

Winner: Joanna Jędrzejczyk by way of unanimous decision

The scores were 49-46, 49-46, and 49-46.

Stephen Thompson Vs Tyron Woodley

After two minutes of being hesitant, Thompson finally threw a kick, Woodley caught it, and Woodley took him down. Woodley busted him up from strikes from the top and Thompson is bleeding. It looks like an elbow may have busted him up. He perched himself up like a tripod and threw punches right at Thompson’s abdomen. Easy round for T-Wood.

The second was an interesting round to score. I think Thompson takes it for his striking, but he didn’t land a lot of shots. Woodley pushed him up against the fence, but once Thompson was able to get some distance, he was landing nice shots. He landed a reverse kick to Woodley’s side. He landed single shots in a couple other exchanges. Woodley didn’t look comfortable.

Woodley may have stolen the end of that round, but it was Thompson’s round until the last 30 seconds or so. Woodley isn’t using his wrestling at all so it’s all standing with some distance between them. Both guys are tentative, but Thompson is measuring him and outlanding him. Woodley landed two big right hands and a low kick that tripped Thompson late.

This round is all Woodley. He landed a big right hand that knocked Thompson backward and down. Then landed another one that wobbled him and he followed up with big shots. I thought Thompson was done at least twice, but the referee let it go. Then Woodley went for a guillotine which he held for a couple minutes, but Thompson finally pulled his head out. This is Woodley’s round 10-8, but you wonder how burnt out he is.

That was Thompson’s round. He outstruck him all round long. Woodley was hesitant to throw that big right hand and it enabled Thompson to be more active. He landed one big shot late that probably sealed the round. I have the fight as a draw.

Winner: Majority draw

The scores are 47-47, 47-47, and 48-47.

Conor McGregor Vs Eddie Alvarez

McGregor put Alvarez down three times in the round, all with one left hand. The first time, it looked like he was nearly out, but Alvarez bounced up. McGregor was as calm as could be and showing ridiculous power. That’s 10-8 for him.

Alvarez landed one right hand, but otherwise, it was all McGregor. He landed his left hand, seemingly whenever he wanted. He landed a four punch combination to put Alvarez down and finished him on the ground. Alvarez didn’t even have a chance to get his hands up before he got hit twice more and it was stopped.

Winner: Conor McGregor by way of 2nd round TKO

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