HBO Boxing – Pacquiao Vs Bradley Live Coverage

Pacquiao vs Bradley live coverage

Check out our Pacquiao vs Bradley live coverage.

Duan and I mentioned this in our preview earlier today, but even though Bradley beat Pacquiao (on the cards) before, this is his best opportunity to actually beat the legend.

We’ll be back for the start of the fight.

Trent Harmon, who just won American Idol, performed the National Anthem.

Round 1

This was a nothing round. I think Pacquiao scored the best shot which was a hooking body shot with right hand. Bradley tried to control the center with his jab. I guess it’s slightly for Manny? He’s going to have to impose his will. 

Round 2

This is another close one and that might be the story of the fight. Bradley had a decent first half and Pacquiao closed strong, but I’d give it to Bradley still. I surely don’t see Tim engaging much, so Manny might have to pick up his pace. 

Round 3

Pacquiao is a bit predictable so far. He hasn’t taken much chances and Bradley is timing him pretty well. Bradley is moving around really well. I’d give it slightly to Bradley again. 

Round 4

Manny looked more like Manny in that one. He was lighter on his feed and Bradley couldn’t time him. Manny was landing his left hands and Bradley had to cover up. I have it tied at 2 a piece. 

Round 5

This was the best round of the fight so far. Bradley started well, but Pacquiao started to time the left hand again. Neither guy has really taken control or rocked the other. But it does look to be picking up. I have Pacquiao up 3-2. 

Round 6

I’m going to lean slightly for Manny again simply because it looks like his power shots are cleaner. But it’s hard because Bradley’s setting the pace and he’s controlling the center. Close fight, but I have Manny up 4-2. 

Round 7

Pacquiao’s going to get credit for a weird knockdown. Manny hit Bradley with a short right and Bradley kind of fell over. Maybe Tim lost his equilibrium for a second. But it wasn’t a knockdown kind of shot. I have Manny up 5-2, plus the knockdown point. 

Round 8

Pacquiao was doing his thing until about a minute left and Bradley flurried hard, knocking Manny back against the ropes and causing him to cover up. I think it was enough for Tim to take the round. 

Round 9

Whatever Bradley gained from the last round, he just lost. Pacquiao dumped him with a left hand. Manny landed one on his head, missed one, then threw another that knocked Bradley down again. Bradley did a backward somersault. I have Manny up 6-3 with the two knockdown points. 

Round 10

Let’s see if Manny tries to close. He didn’t really do much. Bradley’s trying to land the overhand right, but he hasn’t landed it clean yet. Manny wins another. 

Round 11

Manny left himself open a few times by lunging, but he was too quick for Bradley to capitalize. Bradley is fighting dejected. He needed to let the right hand go, but then again, when Manny is on fire, he’s hard to track down. I have Manny up 8-3. 

Round 12

I would give the final round to Manny. There wasn’t much going. 

I have the fight 117-109 for Manny. 

Winner: Manny Pacquiao by way of unanimous decision

Manny won on all three cards by the same score of 116-110

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