FGB Radio – The Road To WrestleMania 32: Week 4

road to wrestlemania 32

Big D joins me for the fourth of six Road To WrestleMania 32 podcasts.

This podcast is supplemental to the Road To WrestleMania 32 column I’m writing each week until the big show in Dallas.

Big D and I discuss the following:
– The pretty bad Shane McMahon performance in the main event segment on Raw
– If the Boy Wonder needs to either grow up, or get out of his dad’s shadow
– Triple H’s boring promo
– Dolph Ziggler’s embarrassing storyline
– Roman Reigns’ revenge (and D cuts a passionate promo on top guys today)
– Why WWE pushes their type of guy, when the underdog is who the fans always root for
– Triple H and Dean Ambrose at Roadblock
– Dean Ambrose not caring about losing his title match
– The Ambrose/Mick Foley promo
– Chris Jericho calling an audible
– New Day’s babyface turn
– What match should be the main event
– How they’re going to use Stone Cold, Rock, Shawn Michaels, and Foley
– Who could possibly help Reigns not get booed

Right click to download the show or stream below.

(You can find Big D on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.)

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