FGB Radio – The Road To WrestleMania 32: Week 1

road to wrestlemania 32

Big D joins me for the first of six Road To WrestleMania 32 podcasts.

This podcast is going to be supplemental to the Road To WrestleMania 32 column I’m writing each week until the big show in Dallas.

We’re going to do six of these bad boys as well.

Big D and I discuss the fallout from Fastlane, including his short review of the show.

We then talk about the three major angles at Raw, including:
– Why as of right now, the Shane McMahon angle isn’t sensical
– Why the Undertaker doesn’t make much sense to be on Vince McMahon’s side
– How the Shane vs Stephanie portion of the angle blurs reality and is very interesting
– Where John Cena may fit in
– Are we supposed to have sympathy for Dean Ambrose?
– Is Brock Lesnar vs Ambrose really a better feud than one vs Bray Wyatt?
– The difference between Paul Levesque the executive and Triple H the wrestler (or Hun-Tor as D calls him)
– Will Roman Reigns be a loser at the end of the night again?
– Hasn’t Triple H been booked as the babyface anyway?

We also talk about the matches that aren’t booked yet and what they might be.

(You can find Big D on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.)

Right click to download the show or stream below.

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