Video – WWE 2K14 Commercial Featuring The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior

While the rumors have been out there for a little while, it’s now confirmed that The Ultimate Warrior has signed a deal with 2K Sports to help in the promotion of WWE 2K14. He’s also a playable character for those who pre-buy the game.

As you can see by the image above, the information has been out there, but it hadn’t been acknowledged as truth until now. With Rock on the cover, but super busy and probably unable to do much work for the game, that’s where Warrior comes in.

There’s talk that this could be the first step toward him having a relationship with WWE, which would be great for older fans who would love to see him in the WWE Hall Of Fame one day. Well, they might have to apologize for this first though.

Warrior was in the very fun and cartoony WWE All-Stars game a few years ago, but he wasn’t involved in the promotion. He was also my favorite character in the old WWE Wrestlefest arcade game.

Here’s the first spot for WWE 2K14 featuring The Ultimate Warrior:

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