Video – The Voice Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin

Voice Versus Stone Cold

Michael Schiavello, one of the most excitable announcers in the business, has been doing a series of interviews for AXS.TV called “The Voice Versus”. He’s interviewed Hulk Hogan, Dana White, Steve Segal, and Tito Ortiz. And now, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has been more visible, or audible you should say, because of his great podcast, “The Steve Austin Show”. This interview gives you more of the Texas Rattlesnake.

For hardcore Austin fans, this is a good one. He talks about the genesis of Austin 3:16 and who helped him come up with that phrase. He also talks about how, “And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so,” became a catch phrase as well. He talks about coming to grips with his neck injury after the tombstone pile driver accident in the match with Owen Hart.

Watch The Voice Versus Stone Cold Steve Austin below.

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