FGB Radio – Interview With Dina Marneris About Her Discussion With Sandra Toffoloni

Sandra ToffoloniThe talk of the wrestling community over the weekend was Dina Marneris’ interview with Nancy Benoit’s sister Sandra Toffoloni. It was an honest, passionate, and touching discussion about a terrible situation. Dina posted it at the2count.com.

Dina responded to my interview request via Twitter as I wanted to know more about their discussion.

We talked for almost 45 minutes about the following:

- Dina’s background as a wrestling fan
- What she does for a living and juggling her passion for journalism
- How she met Sandra and how the interview came about
- If there was any apprehension about doing an interview (and a story) about the most infamous time in pro wrestling
- If she remembers where she was when the news came out about the murders
- Flak Sandra received because of how people were interpreting her comments about a medical examiner’s report of Chris Benoit’s heart
- Sandra’s opinion that roid rage was a bigger cause than anything else
- WWE’s wellness policy
- Sandra’s foundation created for Nancy and Daniel

You can follow Dina on Twitter @Dina7810. Sandra is on Twitter @butisitfunny. Lastly, check out the Nancy & Daniel Benoit Foundation.

Right click to download or stream below.

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