Anthony Pettis Replaces TJ Grant And Faces Benson Henderson At UFC 164

Pettis replaces Grant

Via Fight Hub TV

TJ Grant was going to get a shot at UFC gold for the first time in his career as part of the UFC 164 main event against Benson Henderson. Anthony Pettis, who missed his chance at dropping down in weight to face Jose Aldo because of an injury, tried to make his case to replace Grant and face Benson Henderson in a rematch of their WEC 53 fight, which won just about every award there is.

Pettis replaces GrantIt also featured one of the most memorable kicks of all time.

Grant felt disrespected and thought it wasn’t a cool thing for Pettis to be so vocal about wanting to stealing his spot. Unfortunately for Grant, Pettis will get the shot thanks to an injury.

John Morgan reported that Grant was forced to withdraw from the fight, but the reason was unclear as of this moment.

Dana White retweeted Morgan’s tweet about his report and said, “Sick fight.”

Pettis replaces Grant

I guess that’s all we need to know.


TJ Grant tweeted that he suffered a concussion doing jiu-jitsu.

Pettis replaces Grant

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