Money In The Bank Ladder Matches Are Set

Money In The BankThe Money In The Bank matches are all set.

On Monday’s Raw, Stephanie announced the wrestlers who would be in the Money In The Bank match for the WWE title.

Those wrestlers were:

CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton

On Smackdown, which was recorded Tuesday for Friday’s airing, Vince McMahon asks Teddy Long what he was going to do for the Money In The Bank match for the World title match.

Since Raw had all the “stars”, Teddy’s picked a lot of the strong midcarders.

His choices:

Wade Barrett
Jack Swagger
Antonio Cesaro
Dean Ambrose
Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow

So, seven guys in each match.

On the Raw side, I don’t imagine Punk is winning. So it’s either going to be RVD or Bryan. If it’s Bryan, I imagine he and Orton are the final two.

On the Smackdown side, it seems like a Dean Ambrose victory is most possible, though Antonio Cesaro would be a nice choice as an underdog pick.

What’s weird is that the Raw side is all babyfaces and the Smackdown side is all heels. I wonder if we’ll get any kind of explanation about why.

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