The Raw Rerun (2 Weeks Until Extreme Rules)

The Raw RerunBased on what happened on Raw, it’s no surprise that they did a bad rating. It is the season of the NBA Playoffs, but still. I’m not quite sure what was going to do any sort of rating. The only real draw, Brock Lesnar, was in a silly pre-tape.

The Shield continues to be the best booked newcomers in a very long time.

After beating Kofi Kingston and the Usos in a 6-man, the Shield showed up after the main event and were over huge. In the match, Ryback beat Kane. Daniel Bryan and John Cena came in to save Kane from the Shield. Ryback first tried to clear the Shield out of the ring, but it was only to set up the hit on John Cena and leave him laying.

While they weren’t positioned as the main event, they were clearly the most over part of the angle. The more Shield the better as far as I’m concerned.

Brock Lesnar destroys Triple H’s office.

I’m not sure why this was the next progression for the feud with Triple H since he kind of blew it off. I also wonder if this was a way to keep Brock Lesnar out of a live performance and maybe saving some cash. But I think it was a waste. Paul Heyman tweeted all day that Brock was going to destroy the office and while it seemed like a fun idea on Twitter, I wasn’t really that interested in how it played out on TV. The most entertaining part was Lesnar no selling Paul’s wackiness.

This brought out Heyman via satellite who went back and forth with HHH who was live in the building. HHH said that DX did pranks like that better and that his real office was in the ring. Brock came off as a forgotten player while HHH came out as the ass-kicker. If only that was real life for HHH’s sake.

Cena and Ryback make the stips.

Cena started the show in the ring talking about his achilles injury. Vickie interrupted him and out came Ryback. Ryback and Cena went back and forth. Ryback irritates me. Someone pointed out how often he snarls and how widely he opens his mouth when he talks and that’s all I see now. And what’s up with his teeth? Why does it look like they are capped or that there’s two teeth for every one?

The match they picked for Extreme Rules is Last Man Standing.

And the rest…

– Randy Orton was already in the ring and Damian Sandow came down and wrote a new song set to Orton’s theme song. All it did was set him up to lose, but it was pretty creative. Someone already made it Orton’s video.

– Chris Jericho came out to cut a promo on Fandango and then judged Fandago’s match and performance. His co-judges? Sweet T and Brodus Clay. They ridiculed Fandango with low scores and Fandango eventually walked out of his match with R-Truth. The dark-haired dancer was back. Both guys made this pretty entertaining.
– Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler had a match, but I’m not sure if it was for Dolph’s strap or not. Big E and Swagger caused a DQ and Del Rio won. Swagger then grabbed a ladder and beat up everyone with it. It was actually a good segment in trying to get him over, but we already saw him lose to Del Rio already, so no way it can work all that well.
– Cesaro destroyed the new and boring Zack Ryder.
– Kaitlyn pinned AJ in a 6-woman. The Bellas and Naomi and Cameron were also involved. Kaitlyn hot tagged in and AJ tried to tag out and the Bellas jumped off the apron and left AJ for dead. She was pinned with a spear.
– Mark Henry cut a promo before Sheamus’s match with Wade Barrett started. Sheamus pinned Barrett and then Henry just beat the dog out of him. He whipped him with a belt multiple times and Sheamus’ skin was all kinds of red. It was excellent.

The show had some good things about it for sure. But it just felt a tad boring. With two weeks out from the PPV, it wasn’t the hot show it needed to be to inspire people to be interested in the show.

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