WrestleMania 30 For 30 – Preview

WrestleMania 30 For 30

While WrestleMania 29 is in the books, that doesn’t mean WrestleMania coverage stops here on FGB.

Big D (@EmperorBigD) had an idea and it has now come to fruition. His idea was to do a year-long podcast project in which he went into super depth and detail about the history of every single WrestleMania card. He didn’t just want to go over the matches. He wanted to look back at the feuds and the wrestlers behind the matches. After doing a lot of research, he called on Jason (@dadrrtywhyteboi) and I to guest on the shows.

We have quite a difference in perspective as Jason wasn’t born until the first seven WrestleManias were already produced. I, on the other hand, have seen each and every one within days of the show. D plays point guard and we run a great three-man weave.

Listen to me interview D about the project. Consider this the preview show for WrestleMania 30 For 30.

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