The Raw Rerun (5 Weeks Until Extreme Rules)

The Raw Rerun

(I apologize for the lateness of this. Sick kids, plus their mom being out of town means that I’m running the point all week and writing suffers.)

After last week’s fantastic Raw, this week’s came back down to earth. It wasn’t a bad Raw at all, but you can very well tell that WrestleMania is in the rear view and we’re about to hit a bit of a slowdown.

Brock Lesnar destruction is awesome.

LesnarI really wish WWE had enough money to pay Brock Lesnar to come down to ringside and beat up small guys every week. It never gets old.

After 3MB challenged the Shield to come down to ringside, it was Lesnar instead who made his way. After he dispensed of 3MB in brutal fashion, Paul Heyman challenged Triple H to step into the ring with Brock Lesnar one more time at Extreme Rules, but this time in a steel cage.

I know there are many who are bothered that Triple H beat Lesnar, but if he gets his win here to win the series, I’m okay with it. Is it perfect booking for Lesnar? No. But I’m fine with seeing them face each other one more time.

John Cena and Ryback are interrupted by the Shield.

There was a show long effort to get Ryback over and explain why he both deserves the number one contender slot after losing many times including at WrestleMania as well as why he should be angry at John Cena. They got half of it right.

Earlier in the show, there was a video package in which Ryback cut a long promo, but they interspersed it with video of what he was talking about. He mentioned Cena helping him early on, but then when the Shield attacked him, Cena was no where to be found. This wasn’t quite Paul Orndorff and Hulk Hogan, but it was an effective way of telling his story. The only bad part was when he opened his mouth. His delivery was terrible. He needs a manager badly. I was yearning for the Ultimate Warrior.

In the closing segment, Cena called Ryback out and they stood toe to toe while Cena tried to rile him up. Then the Shield attacked and triple teamed Cena, including giving him the triple power bomb. Ryback, instead of helping, stood on the outside and watched.

I really liked this because there’s so much time between the PPV and they could have the Shield attack Ryback in a couple weeks and Cena can save him, only for Ryback to be upset at him and clothesline him which will get him a lot of heat. While the match is going to be awful, I think the build up should be good.

Over Fandango already?

Leave it to WWE to take something that happened organically and make it uncool by putting their WWE-ness on it. Last week, the Fandango song, more so than his character, was over with the crowd. There was footage of people humming the song on public transit, YouTube videos of random folks doing the same, and even news and sports anchors mentioning the song. In the UK, the song was nearing the top 40 on iTunes. The song was over. So what does WWE do?

Before Fandango comes out to cut his promo trying to get people to “Fandango”, they hit us over the head with all the video and make it look so dumb and uncool that Fandango comes out to no heat whatsoever. His promo was awful, but much of the blame goes to WWE for taking something cool and screwing it up. Remember CM Punk’s original pipe bomb promo and then what happened when WWE turned it into their storyline? Died pretty quickly right?

Hopefully next week, when Raw is overseas, he can regain some of the momentum that he lost on Raw this past week. It was painful television.

CM Punk turns babyface?

Punk cut a promo talking about his matches with Rock and Undertaker in a non-CM Punk way. Rather than being fierce with his words, he was more solemn. He ended his promo by hugging Paul Heyman and leaving the ring, leading us to believe that he’s both going to be away for a little while (hopefully to mend injuries as he undoubtedly deserves it) and that he returns as a babyface. I hope and think that the babyface thing is a decoy and that he comes back as an even stronger heel. WWE is lacking in that department.

And the rest…

– Randy Orton and Sheamus beat The Big Show in a handicap match, which only made them look weak. But man did Big Show have his working shoes off. He took Orton’s draping DDT and also was on Sheamus’ shoulders and took a back drop. Babyfaces with the advantage? Hmmm.
– Kofi Kingston who was relegated to co-host duty on the WrestleMania YouTube pre-game show, beat Antonio Cesaro for his US title. This is probably a blessing in disguise for Cesaro who was a world beater until he got the belt.
– The Dolph Ziggler title win from last week was re-aired, which was cool and made it seem important. Alberto Del Rio came out to request his rematch, which was made. Before it got started, Jack Swagger interfered and put Del Rio in the ankle lock. Later in the show, Swagger beat Ziggler in a non-title match, which was poor, but does set up a three-way at the PPV which could be good because of Ziggler and Swagger.
– Nikki and Brie did the switcharoo to beat Kaitlyn.

I didn’t hate this show like many others, but it was definitely a step down from last week. Most of that had to do with the crowd, but only one week after WrestleMania, they’re already walking uphill rather than basking in the glow of their big show.

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