The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones Vs. Team Sonnen – Episode 7

The Ultimate Fighter

The guys got out of the house and were able to head out to Hooters. Uriah decided not to participate in Hooters photo with all of the guys.

Josh’s quad is in pain and he’s worried about blood clots since he had to go through that last time.

Chael says that Jimmy will get hit and it will hurt, but who cares? Chael is really good at making sense of some of the things that fighters psyche themselves out with.

Jon Jones says his guy Clint has the advantage in striking and has enough grappling to deal with Jimmy’s wrestling. He thinks his one weakness may be his gas tank. Clint also looks a lot like Mos Def.

Bubba says that with Jimmy, you’re always going to have a hard fight because he’s so one-dimensional that you’re going to fight takedown the entire time.

Jimmy Quinlan vs. Clint Hester

Fifteen seconds into the fight, Quinlan put Hester against the cage, picked him up, and dropped him hard to the mat. He went down again. Hester tried to lock in a front face lock and landed some knees. He landed some big blows while Quinlan was up against the cage and Quinlan instinctively went for the takedown. Hester landed a nasty knee, but was immediately picked up and slammed down again. I’d give the round to Quinlan.

Hester wussed out a bit and was choked out. Quinlan was riding his back and hitting him on the side of his head. Hester was either looking for a way out or just lost focus. He looked at the referee and it immediately opened up the choke for Quinlan.

Winner: Jimmy Quinlan by way of 2nd round submission

Bones’ first pick is a goner. While Jones and his team were sad, Sonnen came in his locker room to give him the Sonnen jersey that Jones now has to wear for his practice as a result of losing to him in bowling.

The last fight is Zak Cummings vs. Dylan Andrews.

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  1. I have been dipping in and out of this season, and I must say, Sonnen seems like a great coach.
    I would say he’s very good at getting guys to believe in themselves.

  2. It’s funny because he uses tactics that if other coaches used them, guys would be rolling their eyes, but he seems genuine and believable and they work.

    If Jones tried to say those things, I don’t think they’d work.

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