Podcast Review: MLW Radio – Boom!

MLW RadioWe don’t usually review podcasts on this website, but there’s a certain podcast that has taken us all by storm. Let’s put it this way: Cactus Jim hasn’t watched wrestling since the attitude era and he even listens to this podcast.

I was a very early listener to MLW Radio (entire archive) as I’ve always been a fan of Konnan’s appearances on Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez. Throw in former WWE writer and MLW booker Court Bauer who also has done radio shows with Alvarez and it was an easy decision to listen. MSL (who Konnan calls the G from Compton, Quebec) hosts the show and keeps it moving.

This is strictly based on memory, but here’s some highlights from their run thus far:

– Konnan and Vampiro make amends in a 3-parter, but still call each other out on their shit
– Chavo Guerrero and Konnan telling stories
– Konnan continually calling Bryan Alvarez, Alex Marvez every time he brings his name up
– Going backwards and faster
– WCW stories
– Konnan’s Jungle Love mashup
– Court’s story on John Cena making a slump buster’s night and owning it
– The show with MVP (which is still my favorite)
– Colt Cabana and Isis The Amazon
– Konnan’s Land Of A Thousand Dances mashup

And yes, there have been some lowlights as well. The Tully Blanchard episode where he calls in while golfing was quite the big timing by Tully. Also, the ten minutes with Larry Zbyszko were a bit hard to sit through. And the Gabe Sapolsky booker’s show wasn’t all that fun. But those are few and far between. MLW Radio is the one wrestling podcast out there that will give you just as much insight and honesty as it will comedy.

It’s on iTunes (for free) and they also put the shows on their YouTube page.

Take a listen to the latest show featuring Konnan and Chris Jericho:


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  1. Sorry, not a big fan of the podcast. From the times I’ve listened, it seems like a big jerk off session for guys and gals to spread gossip and blame others for their own shortcomings. Just my opinion.

  2. I can see why you think that. For the most part, I enjoy it. But there are definitely episodes that are boring. Now they have Jim Cornette involved and he’s generally entertaining.

  3. Jim Cornette can be entertaining, and I do get a good laugh at some of his stories(such as the one about Hercules Hernandez slapping the crap out of a fan that tried to attack him). But at the same time, he’s no angel either. By the way, hope I wasn’t coming off mad at you or anything like that. We just have different opinions about the podcast. 🙂 While I’m at it, I’m not a big fan of Alex Greenfield, or any of the former WWE writers who were around during the 2000s. People forget they were responsible for some of the worst storylines in WWE history, but of course, it’s not their fault. *sarcasm* Nah, it’s gotta be because Wrestler A was a prima donna(when the real story is that Wrestler A probably was just honest with them that the angle sucked). The reason they do podcasts is because they think they can get away with talking sh*t about people they don’t like and not have to pay the consequences. Just my ten cents. Used to be my two cents, but that went up with inflation. Gotta run! Been nice chattin’, and I’ll be sure to bookmark the site! 🙂

  4. I don’t think I want entertainers to be angels though. They wouldn’t be as entertaining!

    I think the writers were hamstrung because it’s essentially Vince’s vision, and many times, that vision has zero to do with good pro wrestling.

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