The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones Vs. Team Sonnen – Episode 3

The Ultimate FighterThey are promising a lethal knockout this week.

It’s the Uriah Hall show. He’s profiled heavily on the show. He’s shown as a nice guy who has an intensity when messed with. When he was rolling with Kevin Casey, Casey got his arm and Hall was pissed and wanted to immediately go again.

Cella is continually talking about how he’s not afraid of Hall. That doesn’t bode well here.

Jon Jones is stealing Ray Lewis’ “pissed off for greatness” saying. Chael Sonnen had an interesting conversation with Urijah Hall about doubt and how failure and success is a choice. Sonnen has some great coach-speak lines.

Bubba McDaniel wants Casey badly and Casey is backing off.

Dana thinks Uriah Hall is the guy to win the season.

Bones went to the home to hang out with the guys and he brought food. He told his team that they are all brothers and family.

Adam Cella vs. Uriah Hall

The skill level between the two men isn’t close. Hall looks like Anderson Silva with how fluid he is. He doesn’t even look to be working hard, yet he’s two moves ahead of Cella. He knocked Cella down with two push front kicks. He knocked him out with a reverse kick to the head.

Winner: Uriah Hall by way of 1st round TKO

Hall apologized to Cella while he was out cold.

Chael Sonnen picked Kevin Casey to face Collin Hart. Bubba McDaniel was pissed.

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