The Raw Rerun (6 Weeks Until WrestleMania 29)

The Raw Rerun

We finally had a Raw that felt bigger than normal. Hopefully we’ll see more of them all the way through WrestleMania 29. All was not well as there were still some mindless segments, but it was a much better show than what we’ve seen of late.

The WrestleMania main event is now official… again.

While I’m not sure there was any reason to think CM Punk was going to win this match and be thrust into the main event, it didn’t matter. Punk and Cena work better main events than any two people in WWE. Their match was a tremendous close to the show, near 4 star quality. The last 5 minutes was fast paced and full of transitions. Cena hit a sweet sit-down power bomb. Punk pulled out an old school pile driver. And Cena even tried a hurricanrana right before hitting the FU and getting the victory. Okay, he completely rotate on the hurricanrana, but it didn’t hurt the finish.

Rock, who is out on location shooting his reality show, immediately tweeted this after Cena’s victory:

Rock's tweet

It’s time to play the game.

The newly socially media friendly Triple H returned to WWE. He joined Twitter and then returned to save his father-in-law against the evil Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

Vince McMahon opened Raw by coming out on crutches and calling out Heyman. Heyman, rather than apologizing, went on the offensive, saying that this was a long time coming and mentioned how McMahon had put him out of business. He then shot in on McMahon with a takedown and grabbed a crutch before Vince turned the tables on him. Enter, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar entered the ring while Vince took a powder and Triple H’s music hit. Michael Cole asked, “Is it really him?” No, Michael, it’s the Triple H midget.

Lesnar and Triple H had a nice brawl and Lesnar busted himself open hardway by hitting the ring post with his head. You’re supposed to pretend Brock. Word is that he needed 15 staples to close the cut. It was a cool brawl and Brock’s bloody forehead made it even cooler.

And of course, Triple H took to tout.

Randy Orton gets over on the Shield.

I’ve lost count as to who is supposed to be feuding with the Shield. Is it Ryback? Sheamus? Cena? Orton? The Shield cut a promo and Seth Rollins had trouble getting out what he wanted to say. Then again, when Punk was out, he called himself a mortal man before correcting himself and calling himself immortal. So maybe it was just in the water backstage.

Sheamus interrupted their promo, which was hilarious, because just minutes ago, he’d come out in a tux and was hating on Wade Barrett for having a short part in a movie. Hey Sheamus, when’s the last time you were in a movie? Sheamus just ran misdirection on the Shield as Orton came in to RKO Rollins.

(Really? The Shield is hot like fire and that’s all they’re involved in this week?)

And the rest…

Like I said, there were some terrible segments, Sheamus in a tux included.

– Ryback pinned Dolph Ziggler for seemingly no reason. I’m not sure what either gained or lost as it was just the first match on the show and not memorable at all.
– Mark Henry killed The Great Khali.
– Miz TV featured Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo, Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger. And, it just existed. Based on all the visibility they’ve received for this angle, the segment wasn’t really all that important or booked to be all that important. Del Rio didn’t do a great job on the other end. He should’ve been extremely upset, but he was just Alberto. Swagger also beat The Miz later in the show.
– For some reason, R-Truth pinned Cody Rhodes with Damien Sandow doing commentary. Another nothing segment.
– Team Hell No beat the Primetime Players while Kane had one hand tied behind his back and Bryan had a blindfold. I hope the PTPers are renting, not buying.

Overall, the show was better because of the open and close of the show. But that was a long two hours in between. Hopefully the Undertaker will come back next week and there will be another interesting segment to book. I think WrestleMania will be fine, but the specialness that is usually there by now is missing.

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