Bellator MMA On Spike – Lloyd Woodard Vs. David Rickels

Bellator Lightweight TournamentIt’s week three and it looks like a week for the hardcores. Bellator hopes that based on the last two weeks where guys like King Mo, Babalu, Pat Curran, and Michael Chandler were fighting, that people come back for week three to see guys who aren’t big names. Personally, while I recognize a few of these names, I can’t admit to watching any one of them fight before.

1. Thiago Michel vs. Tiger Sarnavskiy

This fight is part of the lightweight tournament. Sarnavskiy blasted Michel early and he went down, but Sarnavskiy waited for Michel to get his bearings back. Sarnavskiy looks strong. His punches and kicks land with conviction while Michel’s aren’t. He’s also timed Michel’s kicks and catches them, while blasting him with a right hand. Michel got a takedown late in the round and had a guillotine nearly locked in by the end of the round.

Sarnavskiy got his back and choked him out with just over a minute left in the second round. Good fight.

Winner: Tiger Sarnavskiy by way of 1st round submission

2. Saad Awad vs. Guillamume DeLorenzi

This is also a lightweight tournament fight. Awad landed a left after DeLorenzi slipped. He then landed a straight right and followed it up with two lefts and DeLorenzi went out for a second and it was stopped.

Winner: Saad Awad by way of 1st round TKO

3. Ben Lagman vs. Sam Quito

This was a weird fight. Lagman opened up Quito with elbows to the top of his head. Blood was dripping all over the canvas. The referee stood Quito up so the doctor could look at his cut. He put them back in the same position on the ground and Quito grabbed a knee bar. Lagman went back on top of him, but was stuck again in a knee bar. He tapped Quito’s leg lightly and the referee called it a tap out.

Winner: Sam Quito by way of 1st round submission

4. Will Brooks vs. Ricardo Tirloni

The first round saw Brooks try to use his wrestling game, but he couldn’t do much. Tirloni looked for submissions from the bottom, but wasn’t all that close.

More takedowns by Brooks. Tirloni had a guillotine in, but Brooks got out. Tirloni kneed him low. Brooks is just quicker and his striking defense is better.

Brooks’ fight. He’s the much better athlete. Tirloni couldn’t land. He was on his back and tried another submission attempt, but that was it. Brooks should win this fight easily.

Winner: Will Brooks by way of unanimous decision

5. Lloyd Woodard vs. David Rickels

Woodard got his back quite quickly and suplexed him. Rickels tried for a triangle and Woodard picked him up and slammed him down. Rickels worked for an arm bar but couldn’t get it. Back and forth at the end of the round. Entertaining round that Woodward takes.

Woodard landed the better shots, but he might be worse for wear. He dropped Rickels with a jab. Woodard probably won the round again, but it was close. Rickels looks to be in good shape.

Woodard looks like he wished the fight was over and he didn’t have to go to a third round. Rickels clearly won the round. He was in better shape, caught Woodard several times where Woodard just went backwards. If you’re scoring on the whole fight, you’d give it to Rickels, but round by round, probably Woodard.

Winner: David Rickels by unanimous decision

Looks like all three judges gave Rickels the second round.

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