Who Wins The Royal Rumble?

Rumble Winners

That’s quite the group of Royal Rumble winners. Who will win the big match this weekend and earn themselves a shot at either the World Title or the WWE Title? There doesn’t seem to be too many sure bets this year. The FGB crew and friends along with Stevie J from Angry Marks and Suwan from Booker Tea predicted the winner of the 2013 edition.

After we made our picks, we brainstormed about what could happen if the WWE decided to think a little bit outside the box. Take a look at the wild stuff we came up with after the predictions.

Royal Rumble Predictions

Duan: John Cena
Why? because WWE is incapable of thinking outside the box. Rock wins the title, Cena wins the Rumble, everybody else yawns.

Alan: John Cena
It’s obvious and it’s boring but my pick is Cena.

Cadillac Don: John Cena
They’re pushing it to look like Cena is going to win, and for storyline reasons it works. But I could also see Big Show or Sheamus winning. Hopefully if everybody picks Cena he won’t win. Right?

Big D: John Cena
I mean… I’d hate to say it and its the safe and obvious pick and I hope it doesn’t happen, but it probably will.

Stevie J: John Cena
Probably Cena, so he can challenge either Rock or Punk. I’d say about 66% chance of that or better. 35% chance of Ryback if they really want to get him over as legit, but I don’t know if he keeps a babyface momentum going against either guy. 1 in 10 chance of somebody like Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett, Big Show or Mysterio winning. Everybody else, NO CHANCE, that’s what you got, UP AGAINST A MACHINE TOO STRONG.

Suwan: CM Punk
That is, *former* WWE Champion CM Punk.

Against The Rock, Punk’s historic reign will end aptly at the hands of an all-time great, only for Punk to set his sights on another run for the record books by notching a Rumble victory, forcing a rematch at WrestleMania.

Two contractual shots at the title? Two chances for Punk to take down an icon. The payoff would be a clean pinfall over the legendary Rock for the industry’s richest prize, in the night’s final match, on the sport’s grandest stage.

Greg: Dolph Ziggler
He eliminates the Irishman with a super kick when the human jar of mayonnaise misses the Brogue Kick and gets crotched on the ropes. He then goes on to beat ADR for the World title at WM then cashes in his MITB briefcase to beat Cena for the WWE title after Cena beats Rock in the main event of WrestleMania, therefore holding both titles and finally unifying them!

Eddy Zucko: Daniel Bryan and Kane
They take out all 28 of the other wrestlers then simultaneously walk out the ring, thus declaring them as co-winners. They do a celebration hug. Kane goes on to win the WWE title and Bryan the World Title… credits.

@tommynorcal: Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler wins, with Money In The Bank as insurance.

GG: Dolph Ziggler
He’s coming in first or second and if there’s ever a chance to make a star, it’s this match. They have booked him irregularly of late and it’s as if they don’t have their minds made up about what to do with him. He goes bell-to-bell and is exhausted as one of three guys left. The other two, John Cena and Ryback go at it and Ryback pushes Cena toward the ropes and Ziggler sneaks up behind them both and dumps them out. Now, he has two shots to win a title at WrestleMania. Makes the second belt intriguing on Mania night.

Wild Ideas

– Rock loses to Punk in a grueling match, where Punk is lucky to come away with his title.
– Later he is the surprise number 30 entrant in the Rumble and wins by throwing Cena out last. He is utterly spent afterward and has to be helped to the back.
– They can then angle as though he’s going to rematch Punk at Mania.
– Cena takes the Smackdown title at Elimination Chamber.
– Now Rock has a choice that’s worth talking about.
– Cena gives the big promo where he says he might be the champion, but he feels like the challenger – he knows he can beat Rock this time. He gave Rock the shot at him last year when nobody felt he deserved it, and now Rock holds all the power, but if he has any guts, he will pick Cena.
– Rock ultimately challenges Cena over Punk.

Then you can go one of two ways with Punk from there:
1. He is delighted that he won’t have to fight Rock and is celebrating having no challenger. Lights go out. When they comeback up, he’s being stared down by Taker. Tombstone. Match set for Mania
2. He feels disrespected that Rock chose Cena and he is left the odd man out. He’s been champion for over a year and people still aren’t taking him seriously: maybe they will when he ends the streak.

That leaves you with a second Punk/Rock match still on the table for later in the year.

Cadillac Don:
I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryback came out the winner. If anything, there will be a segment during the Rumble where he clears the ring, chants “Feed me more!” and another guy comes out, gets tossed, rinse and repeat.

A longshot would be Undertaker coming out as #30, surprising everybody a la John Cena in 2008.

I will throw out a wild alternate thing that definitely won’t happen. Del Rio beats Big Show early in the show, Dolph cashes in and wins the belt. He decides he’s still entering the Rumble and if he wins he’d gonna challenge the other champ at Mania and be undisputed. He goes wire to wire but then Del Rio comes out at number 30 and denies him. Del Rio wins it and he goes after Dolph and the belt at Mania.

Brock as the surprise number 30 would be good to. The place would go nuts.

Brock would definitely be the coolest, most intriguing route they could go.

I don’t think it’ll be Ryback because him vs. Show seems like a lock for Mania and Show won’t be champ then.

What about Rock losing to Punk and being the 30th guy to win a shot?

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