UFC On Fox 6 – John Dodson Vs. Demetrious Johnson Play By Play

UFC on Fox 6If you missed it, yesterday we previewed the top three fights on the show.

On the biggest two fights on the FX prelims, Clay Guida won a questionable decision over Hatsu Hioki which either should’ve gone to Hioki or maybe should’ve been a draw, and TJ Grant annihilated Matt Wiman, who doesn’t go by the nickname of handsome anymore, and after taking multiple elbows to the face, might not be handsome anymore.

1. Ricardo Lamas vs. Erik Koch

Koch played defense for most of the round and was tied up fighting the takedown. Lamas is also the quicker and more active of the two so far.

That didn’t take long. Lamas slipped, Koch tried to get on top, but Lamas ended up on top and just drilled him with elbow after elbow. Game, set, match.

Winner: Ricard Lamas by way of 2nd round TKO

2. Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis

These guys have bad intentions behind their strikes. Pettis landed with the hands early and cleanly. He went for some sort of cartwheel kick and took a knee to the body. Pettis landed two kicks to the body and even tried a version of the Showtime kick. He landed another kick to the body and Cerrone went down and Pettis finished him.

Anthony Pettis is right back in it at 155 pounds.

Winner: Anthony Pettis by way of 1st round TKO

3. Glover Teixeira vs. Rampage Jackson

I thought the dudes were swinging hard in the last fight. Rampage’s stand-up is already worlds better than what it has been. He’s ducking in and out, not standing straight up. He even threw a couple low leg kicks, which didn’t mean much, but it gave him a bit of variety. Teixeira took him down and worked the arm triangle, but Rampage was able to get up. Rampage got rocked with two shots, the second that put him down. But he got up again. It’s easily Teixeira’s round, but Rampage landed some good shots too.

Rampage is tired and it’s mostly because of his striking defense. He’s moving a lot and avoiding taking good shots. Rampage is fighting like a guy who once had it, but doesn’t anymore, however you remember his one shot power. It’s probably not happening and he’s being outclassed, but it’s easy to root for Rampage here. Glover’s up 2-0.

Rampage is breathing so heavy. The only thing that stopped Glover from stopping him was his worry about some of Rampage’s shots. Teixeira took him down easily all round. He ended the fight being on top of him nailing with elbows. They hugged it out after the fight was over. This is a clear unanimous, clear shutout win for Teixeira.

Winner: Glover Teixeira

One judge gave Rampage one round. Had to be the second.

4. John Dodson vs. Demetrious Johnson

And this fight is as fast as advertised. Dodson knocked Johnson down with a short left. He also slammed Johnson down once. Johnson has connected a couple times too. But he’s missing a lot more than he’s landing. Johnson went for a takedown and Dodson stayed up by posting on his hands. Then Johnson got the takedown. Good first round, which I’d give to Dodson in a close one.

Dodson put Johnson on his back twice with left hands and Johnson was hurt the second time. Johnson kept coming forward though and made it a closer round because of a good second half. It looked like Dodson started to get a little tired and Johnson was able to land some clean shots and even turned southpaw for a few of them. He couldn’t get Dodson to the mat though. Dodson’s takedown defense was strong. Dodson’s up 2-0.

This may have been a turning point kind of round. Johnson finally got the takedown and is just pushing the pace. Dodson looked a bit slower in this round and Johnson kept the same pace. Dodson still landed nice kicks and lefts, but not at the same pace as the first two rounds. I’d give it to Johnson.

Johnson took Dodson down again. Back up, he had him in a front face lock and Dodson had one hand on the mat. Johnson kneed him in the head, which is illegal. No points were taken away, but Dodson got about a two-minute timeout while the doctor checked him. Dodson had a bit of fire coming out of the timeout, but Johnson is just outworking him now. He put the front face lock back on and starting kneeing him to the head when his hand wasn’t on the ground, and kneeing him in the side when his hand was down. This was Johnson’s best round. Whoever wins round five has it on my scorecard.

Johnson used a clinch to blast Dodson with knees to the face for much of the round. Dodson got one takedown, but that was nearly all his offense. I have Mighty Mouse sweeping the last three rounds to take the fight and keep his flyweight title.

Winner: Demetrious Johnson by way of unanimous decision

The scores 48-47, 49-46, and 48-47.

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