The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones Vs. Team Sonnen – Episode 2

The Ultimate Fighter

Team Jones doesn’t seem to like Gilbert Smith as the choice for the first fight. They don’t think his endurance is up to snuff. Gilbert himself wants to hear more encouragement and isn’t hearing it from coaches or teammates. Some of his teammates think he’s mentally weak, while others understand that he may need a little more support than others.

Smith calls out his teammates for not giving him support and calls it an ambush. Jon Jones listens in on the conversation and tells Smith that he chose him for a reason and believes in him.

Gilbert Smith is a good neck and head shorter than his opponent, Luke Barnatt. Dana White said he’s not surprised the team was bothered with the pick because Smith is so short.

Smith took an old Rocky line and said that he’s ready to die for it and the only way Luke can beat him is if he’s ready to die himself and he’s not sure he’s ready to do that.

Luke still looks a little beat up from the fight to get in the house.

Gilbert Smith vs. Luke Barnatt

After being kicked in his ball bag, Smith got an early takedown, but then Barnatt got one himself after. Neither one put them in position to do much. Really hard round to score as nothing happened. Both landed a few shots, but nothing hard.

Gilbert can get the shot for the takedown, but there’s no power in him trying to finish the shot. He just walks him backward. After a lot of nothing going on but wrist control, Smith went low for a shot and walked right into a knee that put him out.

Winner: Luke Barnatt by way of 2nd round TKO

Jones blamed his endurance on the loss and said that he really thought he lost it before the fight. I guess he really didn’t believe in him.

Bubba McDaniel, who was very hard on Smith, tried calling out Kevin Casey.

Since Sonnen’s team won, it’s his fight choice. He chooses Urijah Hall to face Adam Cella. Jones thinks his team has their work cut out for them.

This was the show that needed to change the series and it was more of the same of the past years. There was nothing on this show that we haven’t seen before. And Jones and Sonnen have done nothing interesting thus far. Hopefully things get better from here. They’re promising a nasty TKO for next week.

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