Cyborg Uses Social Media To Call Out Ronda Rousey

Cris Cyborg took to Twitter and Instagram to air out some grievances about Ronda Rousey and Rousey’s unwillingness to fight her at what she feels is a safe weight for her. Cyborg last fought at 145 pounds, but after defeating the undersized Hiroko Yamanaka, she tested positive for steroids and the fight was changed to a no decision.

I haven’t been near Ronda Rousey before, but I was a few feet from Cris Cyborg a few years ago in the press room at a Strikeforce event. To think that she could get to 135 pounds seems a little ridiculous to me. She would have to lose a lot of her muscle mass. But then again, how she gained that muscle mass will always be in question thanks to her drug test failure. And while I’ve never been next to Rousey in person like I mentioned, I have sat next to Miesha Tate at a Strikeforce event too, and the size difference between Tate and Cyborg had to be at least 35 pounds. I know Rousey cuts down and could make 145 quite easily, but still, Cyborg is quite a bit larger.

Cyborg proposed meeting Rousey at 140, which is kind of a head scratcher because if she can make 140, she could surely make 135. But at this point, it might as well be a pissing contest (while sitting down).

I’ll include the entire rant below. She ended it with, “Step up bitch!” She must be watching The Rock…


(Click photo to enlarge)

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