Alistair Overeem Has Been Licensed By the NSAC

Via The Telegraph

Via The Telegraph

Alistair Overeem has been licensed by the NSAC and is cleared to fight on 2/2 against Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156. He was tested on 11/16 and 12/21 by the commission and both of those tests were clean.

From our friend Heidi Fang at MMA Fight Corner:

Overeem stated that he regretted having to spend most of 2012 not competing to the commission. Additionally, Overeem stated that he has a new nutritionist and training staff in place to ensure he receives proper treatment for issues, rather than visiting doctors like Hector Molina who administered him the drug cocktail for a rib injury that included testosterone.

When asked by commissioner Pat Lundvall if Overeem thought their testing process was improved, Alistair mentioned to the NSAC that testing facilities overseas where he often will go to train, don’t offer the best options for which to be drug tested.

“Now that I live in the states, it’s very easy to get things done because everything’s here,” Overeem said.”And in Holland their facilities for being an athlete, a UFC athlete, it’s just not the same.”

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