2013 Elimination Chamber Poster

Big D sent this one over.

Does this mean that Rock will wrestle at the show inside the chamber now?

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  1. I’m actually in favour of scrapping this PPV altogether moving forward. I think that after the Rumble, the Mania matches should all be looked in. I would still keep the Chamber match, but I would shuffle it to somewhere else in the year.

    And does Ryback look very unimpressive on this poster or is it just me?

  2. Now that you said it, they made him look smaller or something.

    I like the idea of the PPV, but I always liked it for the second World Title slot. Have the winner of the Rumble lock in his title shot and have the Chamber for the second.

    While the matches are generally fun, I never understood the second Chamber match.

  3. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind it that way. I just don’t like them messing around with the Rumble winner’s match because I feel it it dilutes the significance of the Rumble somewhat. That should be the event where you get your main event set in stone.

  4. And if I’m not mistaken, after several good buy rates, the chamber match has been down. So I think most of the fans probably agree with us.

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