UFC Primetime: St. Pierre Vs. Condit Episode 3 Recap

The final episode of Primetime following Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit was the best one of the three. Both fighters are confident, yet not boastful. They believe they’re going to win, but understand the other fighter may be each’s toughest test.

There was a scene that showed how competitive each guy is, yet also showed the difference in how each shows it. St. Pierre had to sign fight posters and Condit showed up to sign his. Condit seemed irritated that they had to be in the same room, but wouldn’t even look at GSP. St. Pierre had an intense look on his face and his eyes would dart over to Condit after he signed each one.

I sensed that their motivations were similar and they were able to create a mountain to climb over in their head. For Condit, he wants to be the best and he knows that if he beats GSP, he’ll beat the best guy in his division and become the best. For GSP, he needs to prove to himself that he’s truly back. There are some worries about his knee, but the bigger worries are cage rust and the weird athlete mentality that someone has possibly passed them by.

There was also another scene in which GSP was saying that he’s going to win over and over, yet trying to prove why. But his words weren’t enough and he seemed to be a little frustrated. He’s going to win because he’s the best. He’s going to win because he’s the better fighter. But it was like he was fighting his own words, trying to give them more meaning, which would allow him to truly believe what he was saying.

Even if GSP is the better fighter, where Condit may have GSP’s number is simply in psyche. Condit was calm, cool, and intense while GSP seemed jittery and maybe a little nervous. At least, that’s how both fighters came across to me.

They threw us for a bit of a loop and interviewed Anderson Silva for his thoughts. He’s going to be ringside to do some “scouting”. Of course, talk of a GSP vs. Anderson Silva “superfight” irritates Condit to no end. And it gives him a little added motivation to stop that fight from happening. It was a good twist.

We’ll have a separate post up with the full video for episode three if you’d like to check it out yourself.

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