UFC 152 Main Event Plans Change Again

Earlier today, Dana White held a press conference to announce that because the Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson main event fell through after Henderson hurt his knee, they had to cancel the main event after Jones turned down Chael Sonnen as a last minute opponent. It was then stated that there would be no UFC 151 and they would move on to UFC 152 with Jones taking on Lyoto Machida.

Well, earlier this evening, according to this report by Ariel Helwani, Machida told Dana White that he wanted more prep time for the fight and turned it down.

Who is next in line? Chael Sonnen? Nope. It’s Vitor Belfort.

From Helwani’s article:

According to White, Machida turned down the title shot on Thursday. At some point during the day, Belfort volunteered to fight Jones on one month’s notice, and after Machida decided he wanted more time before he fought Jones again, Belfort was granted the title shot by the promotion.

What a crazy, crazy day for the UFC today.

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