Pacquiao Vs. Marquez IV?

It’s a possibility, according to Bob Arum and Fernando Beltran.

Now wait, so Bob Arum didn’t work the Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley fight so that they would make mountains of money in a rematch? That theory never even crossed my mind because it didn’t make a lot of money sense. Marquez/Pacquiao would’ve always done a better gate and more money in PPV buys than any fight involving Tim Bradley. By having Bradley win a fight that nearly everyone didn’t think he won doesn’t make more people want to buy the rematch — only the same, and maybe less. What makes people want to buy rematches are when the outcome was in doubt, when fighters give such great performances that people look at each other and say, “They need to do it again.”

Do we really need to see Tim Bradley run away from Manny Pacquiao again? Nope.

I’m all for this fight for two reasons.

1. Marquez will always bring his A game to fight Pacquiao because he thinks he’s won all three fights and hasn’t been giving the decision in any of them. He wants it badly.

2. If Pacquiao has slipped like he’s showed in his recent fights, they are perfect for each other. We’ll get another super entertaining fight and a competitive one too. Pacquiao might also feel he has something to prove, when he really doesn’t. But he may feel that way.

The only way I don’t want to see this happen is if Marquez’s skills have eroded and we just don’t know it. He’s a proud fighter and I don’t want to see him grow old right before our eyes.

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  1. eltigredesantajulia

    thats because he really won these three fights, honestly…

  2. They were all so dang close it’s a shame that Marquez doesn’t have at least one win.

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